Arizona doing well with athlete

Pickerington Ohio athlete Roger Lewis is able to play on both sides of the ball and receiving offers because of it. Arizona is one of the latest to offer and read on on to see how the Wildcats are doing with him.

Arizona is in pursuit of several sought-after recruits at multiple positions in the 2012 class. One area UA has attempted to address every season since adopting the spread offense is wide receiver.

One player that the Wildcats have recently given an offer to is 6-foot-2, 190-pound Pickerington (Ohio) Central wideout Roger Lewis.

The receiving prospect from the midwest was extended the scholarship offer from UA defensive coordinator Tim Kish and the two have been in communication often.

"I always talk to coach Kish and he tells me how interested they are," Lewis said. "He officially offered last week."

During the conversations the pair have had, Lewis and Kish have been able to establish a pretty solid bond.

"I talked to him a little bit," Lewis said. "He's a cool guy."

Arizona is a long distance to travel all the way from Ohio, but Lewis doesn't see that as a problem, as he is open to traveling.

"I am not scared to leave home," Lewis said. "I'll just do what's best for me and my family."

Lewis has several prestigious college football programs pursuing his services. While he is hesitant to list anyone as a favorite or list schools he prefers, Lewis has a pretty good idea of what he is looking for in a college.

"Good facilities, a good community and a good football team," Lewis said. "Cool coaches and early playing time."

UA has been able to establish itself on a national level as one of the best passing teams in the country in recent years. Lewis has taken notice and realizes that he could receive plenty of opportunities in a system such as Arizona's.

"I know they run the spread and the receivers get the ball," Lewis said.

There is still plenty of the summer left before the start of the season and while Lewis doesn't have anything specifically scheduled as far as campus trips are concerned, he plans on visiting a few schools in the coming weeks.

"I will get to a couple of colleges and see how it is before I make a decision," Lewis said.

Signing Day is months away, so Lewis doesn't have to make a decision any time soon if he chooses not to. Despite that, he expresses the desire to know where he is going to school before his senior year begins.

"I want to make a decision before my senior season," Lewis said. "I don't want this recruiting to go through my senior season when I am helping my team win. I just want to lead my team."

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