Q&A with Solomon Hill

WildcatAuthority.com had a chance to sit down with Solomon Hill in Los Angeles after the Say No Classic. Read on to see what Hill says about the freshmen, current team, his physical shape, and more.

The Arizona Wildcats are ready to move into the next year after a successful 2010-2011 campaign and now have all of the new freshmen on campus. After losing the top two scorers from last year, Arizona will be looking for a new leader on the court and many think that will be small forward Solomon Hill.

Hill is no doubt ready to take on the challenge and WildcatAuthority.com caught up with the junior after the Say No Classic to get his take on the upcoming season.

WildcatAuthority: Summer II is here, are you excited about the near future?

Solomon Hill: It's a good feeling to see another group of guys come through. We have four freshmen and I'm going in to my junior year and I'm just looking forward to handling business and get those guys on the same track that I was when I first came in.

WildcatAuthority: What do you think about the freshmen coming in for next season?

Solomon Hill: I think they are going to bring a lot. Especially since I think they fit the mold somewhat of how me, Derrick [Williams], Kevin [Parrom], Kyryl [Natyazhko] and Momo really came in because we were much needed.

I think they are much needed especially at the guard position with Josiah [Turner] and Nick [Johnson]. Nick especially because he can defend out on the wing. We got some size down there with Sidiki [Johnson] and Angelo [Chol] and Angelo is a great shot blocker. Just excited to see them guys get up and down the floor and get used to them on the court and see what they can do.

WildcatAuthority: How was your summer personally?

Solomon Hill: It was a great summer and it was different than last summer since I have my dad here. I was able to get home and workout with some guys I knew, get home to my family and just take a different outlook on Tucson.

I get a whole different perspective because I have to drive in the L.A. traffic and I see how easy it is just to walk over to RJ and get a workout in basically any time I want to.

WildcatAuthority: Major changes with Momo and Derrick leaving, what adjustments are you preparing to make?

Solomon Hill: I'm just getting shots up and making changes to my game. Like my dad has told me, when I want to score, I kind of get drive heavy and I have to get comfortable with the pull-up.

I have to get comfortable with my jump shot and be as confident as I want to be with it. I'm just going to be in the gym and get the focus down that every time I shoot the ball it is going to go in. Even though no one can really do that, it's just to have that mentality to say I feel good about this shot and it is one of the best shots we can get.

WildcatAuthority: What other changes are you making to your game?

Solomon Hill: I want to be able to play good defense consistently. I played some good defense in the tournament and I want to be able to bring that every day. Just bring a good mentality to the practice and have it carry on into the game.

WildcatAuthority: I'm sure the team will be playing a lot of pick-up.

Solomon Hill: Most definitely, especially since we had Momo and Derrick leave, so we have to get the freshmen coming in together and get them used to running. We're probably going to play a faster paced game, especially because we are smaller. It's about getting the guys up and down the court.

WildcatAuthority: Are you where you want to be with your weight?

Solomon Hill: I'm about 229. I still want to be down to about 220 and that is going to be a conditioning thing. [Chris] Rounds is going to take care of that himself, I can't really do too much out here especially since I've been relaxing with family. But when I constantly condition with Rounds and hit the gym hard and start practicing I think I will be down to 220.

WildcatAuthority: Most realistic expectations for the upcoming season?

Solomon Hill: Just make it back to the tournament. I can't really put any stats out there, but I feel like I will lead the team to the tournament. Our run will be based on how our guys want to play. If we have everyone there, I think we will make a nice run.

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