What we learned: First Evaluation Period

The first evaluation period taught us many things. What players are a priority? What players increased their stock? Read on for that and more.

There was action throughout the country during the first evaluation period and here are a handful of items that WildcatAuthority.com learned during that time.

1. The West is back: Or at least it will be in a year or two. The 2012 class is noticeably down, but it will get better in 2013 with Dakarai Allen, Jabari Bird, Isaac Hamilton, Aaron Gordon and more. That talent will stretch to 2015 with Aaron Holiday and numerous others.

It is no guarantee that Arizona will land any of these players, but it will make recruiting in the Pac-12 that much more intriguing.

The Pac-12 as a whole should benefit from the increased talent and it will be interesting to see which schools benefit the most.

2. Gabe York can score: So we already knew this, but he reiterated it this past week with two consecutive games over 30 points.

We don't know how York's talent will translate to the next level, but we do know that he can score with the best of them.

York has the ability to score in bunches and when he is hitting, there is not much that anybody can do about it.

It should be fun to watch York getting after it this summer, as he tries to put Compton Magic on his back and has no choice but to score.

3. Dakarai Allen belongs in the discussion: Often times Isaac Hamilton and Jabari Bird get plenty of attention and rightfully so. However, Allen deserves to be right there in the discussion, as his potential is major.

Allen's wingspan is unreal for a player his size and he took the responsibility of shutting down York and did rather well with it.

Allen is only going to get better and we expect his stock to increase, although coaches in the west are already in the process of making him a major target.

It is hard to imagine Allen's offer list not increasing dramatically and it deserves to, as he was very impressive this past week.

4. Priorities, priorities: Sean Miller stayed on the road every day of the first evaluation period and that is not as common as you may think.

He attended every Oakland Soldiers' game and it makes sense, considering that Arizona has made landing a good chunk of the team a priority.

In addition, an assistant was present for every one of Kaleb Tarczewski's games, which is no surprise when you consider how badly Arizona wants him.

Brandon Ashley and Tarczewski are absolutely the priority right now and the UA coaching staff made that apparent with the games it watched in the first evaluation period.

5. Ashley is a program-changer: Maybe we did not learn that so recently, but every time Ashley performs, it seems that he gets a new fan.

We said at EYBL in Los Angeles that Ashley may have made himself a one and done type player and he just cemented that at Peach Jam.

Landing Ashley is going to be the difference between a first round exit and a Final Four and teams like Arizona, Kentucky, and UCLA realize this.

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