Nike Day Two: Future Stars

Even though the class of 2002 is yet to be completed. College coaches are already looking at players to fill the class of 2003. Mater Dei High School's Harrison Schaen is already one of the West Coast's top players, and the future is even brighter. Schaen should be on the Wildcats' wish list, but it will take a huge effort to pry him away from Stanford.

"Stanford is the top school I want to go to right now," Schaen said from the Nike Camp. "My parents want me to go there because it's the place I can definitely go somewhere after college with out basketball. The past four years they've won the Sears Award. That's quite an accomplishment."

Schaen has taken unofficial visits to the Cardinal as well as UCLA, USC and Cal, but it's the Stanford headman that impressed him the most.

"Mike Montgomery is a great man. He's the nicest man in the world."

Even if Stanford isn't his school of choice, the school that lands Schaen will have to have a lot to offer.

"I'm looking towards education," Schaen said. "Education is the key. I'm looking for people that I can associate myself with after college and during college. Someone I can actually relate to, not just play ball with. I'm looking for something I can do after basketball. I'm looking towards graphic arts or graphic design because I want to be a clothing designer. You know shoes, apparel, what not. I also want to designee web pages. Any school that has all of that to offer plus athletics, is the school for me."

Schaen is a 6-8 junior-to-be who has shown remarkable versatility.

"The first day I was here, before I was traded, I was running the three and the two. I was bringing the ball up the court, hitting the jump shots, three pointers and what not. Since I was traded to another team, I've been more of a four or a five. I've been more of a role player than a go-to guy. One way or another I like to go out and make everyone look good. I like to distribute the ball. I like to do everything because eventually I'd like to be able to play every position. Whatever is called for."

With the desire to play several positions, Schaen realizes that he has some work to do.

"Right now my ball handling and my shooting are my weaknesses," Schaen said. "I'm working on them more because I want to go outside and play a little two and three some more. Last year I was playing four and five, center and power forward. I need to work on my jump shot and my ball handling. I also need to work on my physical strength so I can take people on the inside. If little guys are guarding me then I will be able to post them up."

Schaen has performed well at the camp, but he feels like he will get more out of it off the court than on.

"So far at Nike camp what I learned about is leadership. At Mater Dei with Jamaal and Cedric (Bozeman) going to college I have to step up now and lead the team. I've probably grown more as a person than as a basketball player. The main thing that I have to work on is being more vocal, being somebody to look up to instead of somebody who follows."

Nike is the last chance to see Schaen for the summer. Due to doctor's orders Schaen will sit out the rest of the summer because of leg problems.

"After this camp I'm taking off four to six weeks because of my legs. During those 4-6 weeks I'll be in the weight room every day to try to get bigger before the season starts. Plus I'm a diet program to get bigger."

Schaen will be more than ready to go come the high school season. Schaen can't wait for his junior year.

"We'll be younger and faster. We should be really good."

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