Bailey just getting started

Isaiah Bailey may not be a familiar name with some, but it could be just a matter of time. Read on to see which schools Bailey is looking at, who he models his game after, and more.

At the end of the first evaluation period it seems that one thing is clear- the west coast is back at the younger ages.

There is depth in the class of 2013 out west and we are already getting an early look at the class of 2014. A few names that have already popped up are Shaqquan Aaron, Parker Cartwright, and Stanley Johnson, but another talented prospect hails from Compton, Calif.

Isaiah Bailey is a 6-foot-4, 175-pound wing with long arms and a determined scorer. His name had been popping up in Southern California news clippings while he was a freshman at Compton High School and you can imagine that he will probably stay in the spotlight for years to come.

Bailey, however, is still young and is doing a good job of deflecting the attention as he focuses on playing basketball.

"I don't really pay attention to it," Bailey said. "I just go out and play basketball and try and win games for my team. I just want to do what's right."

Playing the game is something that Bailey does really well. At this stage in his development he has realized that playing to his strengths is the best way to operate on the court.

"I'm more of a slasher, which is how I get my game going," explained Bailey. "If I'm attacking the rim early then the better I am throughout the game. I can boost my energy and my confidence, so I can play defense and do my all around thing."

His mannerism and body style look a lot like Rudy Gay, but Bailey has tried to mirror his game after another NBA superstar.

"I like Dwyane Wade because he plays both ends of the floor and block shots and that's what I try and do," said Bailey.

Bailey has admitted to growing up and watching Duke with all of the great teams that played at Cameroon Indoor, but has also taken notice to the team that knocked the Blue Devils out of the 2011 NCAA tournament and another local player who led the way.

"I know a little bit about Derrick Williams," said Bailey. "I watched him in the tournament and he took out my pick. I like the games when [Arizona] had white out the games with the fans. I just love it when the fans are into the game.

"It gets the players going and the emotion just makes you play harder just having fan support."

Bailey says that he is not much into his recruitment at this point and only wants to play basketball, but he will continue to keep an eye out for Arizona down the road.

"They call it Point Guard U and I'm a guard," explained Bailey. "I think I want to stay on the West Coast too because I've never been far away from my family and I don't know how it would be if I'm too far. Arizona is still driving distance."

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