Five storylines for Las Vegas

The Las Vegas tournaments are always some of the best times to see prospects in action. Here are five storylines that have us intrigued for the week.

As with every recruiting period, there are numerous storylines to keep an eye on. Here are the five that we feel are the most important for Arizona fans to watch.

1. Who are the coaches watching? With so many games going on at once, it could be difficult for a lot of head coaches to watch all of the prospects they want.

It is this time of year that you see coaches prioritize, as the head coaches are usually in attendance to see the prospects they consider to be on the top of their board.

We already know Sean Miller will be at each Oakland Soldier and Kaleb Tarczewski game he can, but it will be interesting to see what games he attends besides that.

2. Can Gabe York keep scoring? York scored 46 points against Indiana Elite in the first evaluation period and will have to keep scoring if his Compton Magic team is going to have a chance.

If York keeps scoring 30 points a game, it may be hard to keep him from moving up the rankings.

Considering how York has been playing as of late, it may also be hard not imagining him scoring those 30 points per game.

3. The battle of 2013 shooting guards: Isaac Hamilton, Jabari Bird, Chris Thomas, and plenty of others are all fighting to see who lands where in the pecking order.

Thomas is the best scorer of the bunch, but a lot of the other shooting guard prospects are much closer in skill level.

This is often the time when players separate from each other and it will be intriguing to see which of those players separate.

4. Who's the point guard? Yes, Arizona already has Eric Cooper for 2013, but the Wildcats are going to go out and look for another prospect.

As of now, there are not a ton on Arizona's radar, but with guys like Nate Britt and Brandon Randolph out there, it is possible that the UA will come out of the second evaluation period with a priority.

On the same note, it is just as possible that Arizona will start recruiting a point guard that not many are familiar with.

Either way, the summer will likely tell us much more about Arizona's point guard situation for 2013.

5. Just how good is the west? We have made mention of the fact that the west is doing much better for 2013 and beyond, but now we will get an opportunity to compare it to the rest of the country.

If the west is as strong as we think it is, Arizona may not need to go national with its recruiting, which is an advantage.

The west has many prospects that are on the verge of being elite and we will see if the rest of the country notices that.

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