Hemmila comfortable with Arizona

Chandler offensive lineman Zach Hemmila gave his verbal to Arizona on Thursday. Read on to see why he made the decision, what he considered, and more.

6-foot-3, 275-pound Chandler offensive tackle Zach Hemmila has known where he has wanted to go to college for a while.

On Thursday, Hemmila simply made it official, as he gave his verbal to Arizona.

"There's always been a part of me that's known," Hemmila said.

"Ever since I went down to Junior Day, I just had to go down one more time to make sure Arizona was the right place for me."

With Hemmila having a good idea of where he wanted to go to college, he decided to take a visit to Arizona with his mother on Thursday.

Right when I left I had a big smile on my face," he said. "I just knew in my heart where I wanted to go.

"I called my head coach at my high school and told him that I was going to do it and then I told Coach Kish."

When Kish found out that Hemmila was headed to Arizona, his reaction was predictable.

"He was really pumped," he said. "He said he was really ecstatic and he can't wait for me to get down there next year."

In terms of making a decision, Hemmila said he was comfortable with the coaching staff.

"I have a good bond with every coach," he said. "It wasn't just that I was cool with my position coach and head coach, but all the coaches were nice to me."

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