Adidas Super 64 Evaluations: Part A was in attendance for the first day of the Adidas 64 and here are some evaluations, including Gabe York, Nate Britt, and more.

LAS VEGAS – was in attendance for the first day of the Las Vegas tournaments and here a handful of evaluations from the Adidas Super 64.

Kaleb Tarczewski: Tarczewski was underutilized and struggled to get the touches indicative of a player of his caliber. Nearly every time he caught the ball down low he was able to finish with a variety of moves including hooks, up-and-unders and drop-step dunks.

Even with the lack of touches, Tarcewski showed off most the skills that make him such an intriguing prospect; he ran the court with ease, displayed tremendous hands, and showed a very soft touch around the rim.

He repeatedly used his body to seal his man under the basket, enabling his teammates to feed him uncontested entry passes. As with most big men, Tarcewski will benefit greatly from a structured college system that will consistently incorporate him into the offense.

Gabe York: York scored 19 points while helping lead the Compton Magic to a 76-67 victory over Wisconsin Playground.

While he wasn't consistently hitting from behind the arc, he was still able to score in a multitude of ways. York showed off a tight dribble, quickness and good athleticism, which enabled him to get a step on his defender and allowed him to work his way into the paint for lay-ups or short pull-up jumpers.

York had one of the more impressive plays of the first day when he spun past two defenders and finished at the rim before the weak-side defender was able to rotate over. Nate Britt: He didn't play his best game, but spent much of the game passing up shots and deferring to teammates, and when he did shoot, his shots were usually way off.

However, the lefty has a tight handle, solid passing ability and is able to shake his defender with ease. Ability is not the problem with Britt. He just needs to be more assertive with his play.

Shaqquan Aaron: The 2014 prospect did not see his impact necessarily felt in the box score, but his talent was immediately noticeable.

Blessed with tremendous athleticism, length, and body control, Aaron was most comfortable getting out on the break where he specialized in acrobatic finishes at the rim.

He was not nearly as comfortable in the half court setting, where he tended to float on the perimeter and settled for contested shots. Nonetheless, he is an elite talent and has the tools to be a dominant player in time.

Chris Thomas: Thomas had a difficult time getting in the flow of the offense Friday night.

With the opposing team playing a box and one defense against him, it was very difficult for him to get any open shots. To Thomas' credit, he kept his head up and continued to play hard.

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