Fab 48 Evaluations: Friday

WildcatAuthority was able to see much of the action of the Las Vegas 48. Read on for evaluations of Brandon Ashley, Aaron Gordon, Ricardo Gathers, and more.

LAS VEGAS - WildcatAuthority was in attendance for the first day of the Las Vegas 48. Here are evaluations of the players that we saw.


Ricardo Gathers- It was all on display for Gathers on the opening day of the Fab 48, as he showed why he's one of the top forwards in the class of 2012. He has the quickness and the handles to play the small forward position as well as the strength and toughness to play power forward.

Per usual, Gathers was unstoppable when he made an effort to get to the hoop. He dropped in 22 points and showed off both power and finesse offensively; as he threw down several emphatic dunks and had several layups following some flashy moves. If he's able to add a consistent jump shot to his game, Gathers will be tough to stop at the next level.

Grant Jerrett- Jerrett wasn't really challenged against Juice All-Stars, but he did display an impressive offensive skill set that included medium range jump shots as well as athletic post moves around the rim. His work on the glass was equally impressive, as his timing on his jumps and his play above the rim continue to be the strengths of his game.

Brandon Ashley- Ashley was on point from the get go, as he scored three straight baskets to start the game for the Soldiers. He has such a unique skill set in the paint, as he uses an endless amount of moves to get buckets. He's been working on his jump shot and it showed on Friday, as he was able to step out to 18 feet to knock down jumpers. He continues to dominate this summer and as he continues to expand his skill set, his stock will only continue to rise.


Isaac Hamilton- Team Jennings as a whole struggled against Brandon Bass Elite, and it was no different for Hamilton. His jump shot was not falling, and he also struggled with turnovers throughout the day. It was a frustrating day for Hamilton, but he flashed the skills that have

Dakari Allen- Allen did not have his best game on Friday, but you could still see his potential. Allen has tremendous wingspan and blocked a handful of shots as well. Once he gets stronger and develops a more consistent jumper, his stock should rise even more.

Eric Cooper- Friday was one of Cooper's best performances that we have seen in quite a while, as he finished with 12 points. Cooper was able to hit numerous jumpers, including a few from behind the arc. It was nice to see Cooper have a successful game and a step in the right direction.

Ikenna Iroegbu- It was a tough day for Iroegbu offensively, as he had several turnovers and had trouble putting the ball in the basket. He has quickness and speed that is tough to match, and if he can match his offensive skill set to his intangibles, he'll be dangerous in transition and attacking the basket.

Aaron Gordon- Gordon was his normal self, dominant near the rim and dunking everything he could. Team Breakdown was doing everything it could to try to frustrate him and it instead made him play better. Gordon is fantastic around the rim and gets to the basket with a high success rate with a jumper being the only thing keeping him from being completely dominant.

Jabari Bird- It was definitely Bird's top performance of the summer that we've seen, as he led the Oakland Soldiers with 17 points on the day. He did everything offensively, as he knocked down threes, mid range jumpers, runners, and even had a pair of emphatic put back jams. Bird was even active on defense, as he rose up above the rim for an impressive block and registered several steals. Bird made it clear in front of most of the nation's top coaches why he is a five star player, and he should only continue to get more attention if he is able to close out the summer with the momentum he has from today.

Tyree Robinson- Robinson continues to shoot the ball well from three, as all six of his points came from beyond the arc. With Ashley, Gordon, and Bird handling the load scoring, Robinson was able to exert most of his effort to defense and wreaked havoc all game long in the Soldiers' full court pressure.

Keith Frazier- It was our first time watching Frazier, but he displayed all the skills that make him a five-star player. While he struggled putting the ball in the basket, he displayed the ability to attack the rim using both hands to get around defenders, as well as quickness that made it tough for defenders to stay in front of him. He also displayed impressive range, hitting a few threes as well as a few midrange jumpers. There is definitely room for improvement for Frazier tomorrow, but it is clear that he has the skill to live up to his five-star billing.


Parker Cartwright- Even though he's short in stature, he is certainly not short on game. Defensively he was in the passing lanes seemingly every play, as he created steal after steal to give California Supreme easy buckets. In transition, Cartwright's court vision was impressive, as he was able to look off defenders to create openings for his teammates for layups. When he kept the ball for himself, Cartwright was constantly in attack mode and went right at and around defenders for layups.

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