Adidas Super 64 Evaluations: Day Two saw numerous high level prospects at the Adidas Super 64. Read on for evaluations of Kaleb Tarczewski, Chris Thomas, and more.

LAS VEGAS - was in attendance for the second day of the Adidas Fab 48 and here are evaluations from the day of action.


Robert Upshaw: While Upshaw's team won, he didn't play his best game. He played sporadic minutes, and when he did play, his teammates didn't consistently get him the ball.

Because AAU play is dominated by guard play, it can be difficult for a big man to make a consistent offensive impact.

Nonetheless, he was active defensively and blocked or altered a number of shots. Despite his up and down showing, Upshaw is a legitimate big man with talent and will remain a highly sought after player.

Kaleb Tarczewski: Tarczewski didn't play as well Saturday as he did Friday. He had a difficult time getting into a rhythm, but this can be mainly blamed on his teammates.

They did a poor job of getting him the ball, and when they did get it to him he was not in position to make a basketball move. Tarczewski's all-around game is much more effective when he's getting consistent touches on offense.


Nate Britt: While Nate Britt didn't score much, he efficiently led his team and put his teammates in position to be successful. Britt is a true point guard, and while he can score, he is most effective using his tremendous penetration and passing skills to generate baskets for his teammates.

Chris Thomas: Despite not scoring a lot, Chris Thomas played well Saturday afternoon. His underrated passing skills were on display as he dished out some nice no-look passes, resulting in lay-ups.

Defensively, he used his quick hands to steal and deflect a number of passes. Thomas displayed maturity as he constantly encouraged his teammates to keep their heads ups. Thomas showed his trademark off the charts physical talent, but it was his mature demeanor that was most impressive.


Shaqquan Aaron: Aaron has a way of standing out, even when he doesn't contribute major statistics. While he didn't score much in a 70-55 loss, the nine points he did score were done in style. On two straight possessions he brought the ball up the court, and both times split the oncoming double team and finished with a floater in the lane.

He consistently got his defender off balance by utilizing a stop and go dribble move that allowed him to get a step on his defender. Defensively, Aaron gave nice effort and rotated over a number of times to help out teammates.

Emmanuel Mudiay: Mudiay was very impressive Saturday afternoon. He made an array of shots including long jumpers, floaters and twisting lay-ups.

He played with poise and didn't try to force anything that wasn't there. Mudiay has an impressive build for a kid his age and has the body type that can easily put on weight.

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