Fab 48 Evaluations: Saturday

The Las Vegas Fab 48 has a ton of Arizona prospects and WildcatAuthority was able to see them in action. Read on for evaluations of Grant Jerrett, Brandon Ashley, and more.


Brandon Ashley: It's clear by now what Ashley can accomplish offensively, but what really stood out on Saturday was his energy and intensity on both ends of the floor. In both games of the day, Ashley used his quickness to stay in front of his man and showed a high basketball IQ by contesting shot after shot and matching his opponent's every move without picking up fouls.

Ashley was impressive in transition, both in terms of ball-handling and his ability to get up and down the floor. He doesn't throw it down as violently or as often as Aaron Gordon, but even Ashley got in on the act with a couple of impressive put back dunks. When he's playing at such a high level on both ends of the floor, Ashley is certainly tough to keep up with.

Grant Jerrett: The most exciting matchup of the day for Arizona fans would have to be between Jerrett and Brandon Ashley in the nightcap. Jerrett more than held his own against Ashley, and even out scored the Oakland Soldiers' big man 14 to 11.

Without Jerrett's play on both ends of the floor, it's likely Belmont Shore would have lost by a wide margin. Per usual, he was great on the glass and used a variety of moves to consistently get shots around Ashley. He finished with grace and poise, had some emphatic put backs, and continued to show a willingness to step out and shoot a jumper. He was without question the best player on the court for Belmont Shore on Saturday night.


Dakarai Allen: In front of most of the Pac-12, Allen did not have as good of a game as he would have liked. While he finished the game with 21 points, the 6-foot-4 combo guard had a tough time getting his shot to fall and missed far too many layups.

There is smoothness to Allen's game that makes it look effortless for him on the court, for now he just struggles with finishing those moves consistently. The talent is definitely there, and once Allen plays with a little more control and becomes a little steadier with his attempts, he'll be dangerous on the offensive end.

Tyree Robinson: It's clear that Robinson specializes in two things: three point shooting and defense. It seems that just about every three-point attempt he takes goes in, and there are few guards that have any success trying to get by him this weekend. When he combines these two elements with his ability to drive to the basket for midrange jumpers and layups, Robinson can score at a high rate.

Brian Bridgewater: It was an impressive showing from the get go for Bridgewater, who had innumerable post moves working all game long. He's got a big frame and is a super athletic post player that runs the floor and finishes consistently with ease. He even stepped out to 15-18 feet on a couple occasions to knock down jump shots.

Bridgewater is above the rim on both ends of the floor and posted several punishing blocks and dunks. He's in the mold of Anthony Bennett with his athleticism and Ricardo Gathers with his size and strength, and as a result he is a versatile forward that can do everything a forward is supposed to do from either position.

Aaron Gordon: Gordon was absolutely on fire against Belmont Shore, as he dropped 28 points with mostly highlight reel dunks and put backs. He consistently is making plays above the rim with second chances, and as a result he is one of the more efficient and effective players around.

He continues to show impressive ability to handle the ball in the open court and is great at attacking the rim and creating shots for himself. It was all display against Belmont Shore, and it is clear why Gordon is considered to be one of the top front court players in the class of 2013.

Jabari Bird: It was another good day for Bird, who continues to show the athleticism on both ends of the floor that make him a top 10 player in the class of 2013. Defensively, Bird is a good help side defender, as he comes up with blocks, steals, and is disruptive in double team situations.

Offensively, Bird was all over the place for the second consecutive day. His jump shot was on point out to the three-point line, and he continues to be deadly in put back situations above the rim. As he continues to fill out, he'll become even better at getting the ball to the hoop, which will only enhance his offensive game. No doubt that Bird has an elite skill set offensively, but he should only improve moving forward.

Eric Cooper: Cooper had a strong showing against the Oakland Soldiers, and despite having only six points, he was one of the better players Belmont Shore Saturday night. He's displaying more confidence both in his jump shot and getting to the rim, and whether or not he maintains that momentum should determine the extent of his development moving forward.

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