Lucas impressed with Arizona

Landen Lucas has cut his school list to a top seven. Where does Arizona stand? What are his future plans? Read on for more.

LAS VEGAS - The Adidas Super 64 features many top-tier recruits that are being pursued by Arizona. One such target the coaching staff is keeping a close eye on is 6-foot-8, 240-pound big man Landen Lucas, who recently announced he is transferring from Findlay Prep.

Lucas represents the Northwest Panthers in the tournament and has been observed by UA coaches in each contest.

He has also been in consistent communication with the UA staff; primarily with the head coach.

"I talk a lot to Sean Miller," Lucas said. "That's who I usually have my phone conversations with."

Lucas has been on Arizona's radar for a while, which has allowed him to become acquainted with the other coaches on the staff as well.

"They're really good guys." Lucas said. "They all came at the end of my freshman year and that's when they made the offer. So, I have got to know them for a couple of years, which is nice.

"I get a chance to really build a relationship with them and the fact that the head coach is the one making the calls to me and my family means a lot to me."

One thing that has impressed Lucas is how quickly Miller and his staff have been able to turn around UA. Lucas wasn't expecting it to happen so rapidly and it has left a positive impression on him.

"I think it's amazing," Lucas said. "I remember sitting down with my dad when he (Miller) first got the job and saying he was going to be able to change the program. I didn't know it was going to be this quick and this drastic.

"The recruits he is bringing in are big time recruits and I feel like he can do what he did with the team he had the sky is the limit for the team coming in."

Lucas currently has a list of schools he is keeping an eye on. He doesn't necessarily have a favorite, but he admits there could be a couple that stand out without admitting who they are publicly.

"I am just talking to them right now," Lucas said. "In my head, maybe there are a couple ahead of the others but really, at the end of the day, they are all great schools that I could see myself at and I'll probably end up on one of those schools."

Being a west coast kid, Lucas is focusing more on the schools in the region. He is open to looking into going to another area of the country, but it seems his preference would be to stay out west.

"I think if I found the right situation somewhere else then I would as far as I need to be," Lucas said. "But if there are two situations that are the same where everything is equal I will definitely be on the west coast so my family can see me."

Lucas has a few months before the first signing day for his class. He plans on taking a few visits in a couple of months and would like to come to a conclusion before the first signing session.

"I am going to take my visits in September," Lucas said. "If I can decide before the November 10 signing date that will be great so I can sign and get it out of the way. That's my ultimate goal so I can focus on high school and go from there."

Knowing that he will take his visits in September, where does Lucas plan on going?

"I am going to Arizona," Lucas said. "I am going to Kansas, most likely; Georgetown, most likely; N.C. State, most likely. Then I will go down and do a Bay Area one and Oregon is right down the street from me, so I can always just drive there."

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