Oakland Soldiers: Evaluations

WildcatAuthority.com was in attendance for the Oakland Soldiers' final game in Las Vegas and here are the evaluations.

LAS VEGAS - WildcatAuthority.com was in attendance for the Oakland Soldiers' last game of the summer and here are the evaluations.


Brandon Ashley: Ashley struggled Sunday afternoon. He had a difficult time finishing shots in traffic that he usually converts with ease.

There were a few times he shot and appeared to get hit, but nothing was called. To Ashley's credit, he continued to play hard and didn't stop to argue with the officials.

While he did have a few blocks, he wasn't nearly the presence we are used to seeing on defense.


Aaron Gordon: Gordon did not play as well Sunday as he normally does. He became visibly upset a few times at the officials and it seemed to affect his game.

Gordon still showed off his customary highlight reel dunks, and while he needs to spend a lot of time working on his jump shot, his athleticism and energy makes him an impossible match up for most high school players.

Jabari Bird: While he only contributed 11 points, the different ways he scored showed his all-around offensive game.

He connected on a 12-foot jumper off an offensive rebound, then made a deep jumper in transition, then got out on the fast break and converted a three point play off a lob pass.

Despite being known for his offense, Bird is also a capable defender when he chooses to be.

Tyree Robinson: Robinson really struggled Sunday afternoon. He was very passive, and instead of taking his frustrations out on the opposition, he all too often directed his ire toward the officials, which eventually earned him a technical foul.

Robinson is a strong shooter, but was just never able to get into a rhythm to show that off on Sunday night.

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