Fab 48 Evaluations: Day Three

WildcatAuthority was in attendance for the third day of the Fab 48 and included are evaluations of Grant Jerrett, Isaac Hamilton, and more.

LAS VEGAS - WildcatAuthority.com was in attendance for the third day of the Fab 48 and here are our evaluations.


Grant Jerrett: While he did not have the impact offensively that he did the night before against the Soldiers, Jerrett helped secure a win for Belmont Shore in a tight game due in large part to his play defensively.

He had several blocked shots and was able to alter more just about every time a Colorado Chaos player challenged him.

He uses good position to herd his opponents in the direction that he wants them to go and has the timing and body control to impact shots without fouling. In his first game Saturday Jerrett showed us what we already know: with a college weight program and coaching, he's going to be a monster presence in the post defensively.

Ricardo Gathers: In his first game against D-1 Sports, Gathers faced a tough zone defense that forced him to settle for outside shots; which not surprisingly limited him to only eight first half points. 2013

Isaac Hamilton: In his first contest, Hamilton was impressive in leading a comeback by Team Jennings. He finished with 16 points and was excellent with his distribution of the ball. His squad trailed by nine points in the second half, but Hamilton and his brother, Daniel, proved too much for the Arizona Aces.

Hamilton was impressive in his second game of the day, scoring 21 points in a losing effort. The guard did all he could to will his team to victory but ultimately they came up short.

Hamilton knocked down a couple of threes late and was able to take his defender off the dribble on more than one occasion. His squad may have been eliminated, but Hamilton certainly made a positive impression on observers.

Brian Bridgewater: Bridgewater was one of the more impressive performers to date in Las Vegas. He finished with 22 points and was a force on the defensive end. He is a bit undersized at power forward being just 6-foot-6, but he makes up for it with strength and athleticism.

Bridgewater collected the majority of his points around the basket and had seven dunks in the contest.

Kaza Kajami-Keane: Keane had the looks of a potentially strong point guard at the college level in a blowout victory over Salt Lake. He did struggle with shooting the ball and finishing around the rim at times, but the point guard concluded the matchup with 13 points.

He displayed great court vision and a willingness to drive and distribute. He looked a little out of control at times, but had a nice game otherwise.

Dakarai Allen: Allen has such a unique defensive skill set, it's scary to think what he'll be able to accomplish if his offensive game ever catches up.

His quickness and length was a problem for Texas D-1 nation, as he created turnovers, five second calls, and was a great help defender all game long.

The problem for Allen remains his ability to score. His jump shot lacks any real consistency, and he still has trouble finishing at the rim right now, but he does have the ability as a youngster to create space and make moves to get himself shots.

The encouraging thing is that despite having a low output offensively, Allen never let it affect his play defensively. That kind of toughness and maturity is good to see for a kid his age, and as he continues to get better and stronger, he should become a very complete player on both ends of the floor.

Eric Cooper: Cooper continued his run of steady play against Colorado Chaos, as he knocked down a couple of jump shots and hit two free throws to give Belmont Shore the margin it needed for victory. Slowly but surely, the confidence he had in himself before his knee injury is returning, and it will be interesting to see if his game follows suit.

Jarrell Martin: After becoming an internet sensation virtually overnight with a great dunk, Martin was kept relatively quiet against D-1 Sports. He flashed range out beyond the three-point line attacked the basket on other occassions to get his buckets.

It seemed like he was trying to out do himself from his earlier performances of the weekend and played outside of himself a bit, but there's no denying that the raw talent is there.

With big time hops and an ability to attack the rim, much like his teammate Ricardo Gathers, a consistent stroke from the field is all that stands in his way from a complete skill set.

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