Desert Duel Memorial: Evaluations was in attendance for the first day of the Desert Duel Memorial. Read on to see evaluations of numerous Arizona prospects.

PHOENIX - was in attendance for the first day of the Desert Duel Memorial and while there were not a lot of Arizona prospects in attendance, here is a breakdown of those that were.


Nate Britt: Britt had a good first game scoring the ball. His jumpshot was on most of the game and he was able to consistently get his shot off using his quick step-back jumper. He was ineffective in the second game and spent much of the second half on the bench. The main concern about Britt is he didn't do much to make his teammates better.

Britt possesses the ability to find his teammates but didn't consistently take advantage of it.


Jahlil Okafor" Okafor is a man among boys. Despite only entering his sophomore year in high school, Okafor has the frame and appearance of someone much older.

He will need to develop more post moves to maximize his potential at the next level, but doesn't really need those moves against high school players. When he catches the ball in the low post, his one dribble drop-step allows him to power past his defender and lay the ball up at the rim.

Okafor also possesses outstanding hands. Once he gets his hands on the ball, no player is going to snatch it away from him.

He is refreshing because he is a big man who plays like a big man. He is a dominant force and will be able attend the college of his choice.

Craig Victor: Victor showed the skills that make him such a highly sought after player. While not a great athlete and somewhat of a tweener at the forward position, Victor is very skilled, especially in the low post where he can score in a variety of ways.

He takes his time when he gets the ball on the block and has a feathery touch around the hoop. While his short jumper is solid, Victor needs to work on extending his range as he rarely, if ever, shoots the ball from beyond 15 feet.

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