Best of Summer Evaluations: Part A

The Double Pump Best of Summer Tournament started on Wednesday and included are evaluations of Kaleb Tarczewski, Chris Thomas, and more.

ANAHEIM, Calif - The Double Pump Best of Summer Tournament started on Wednesday and here is the first part of our evaluations.


Kaleb Tarczewski: He did not have a great showing in Las Vegas and is hoping to raise his game at the Best of Summer tournament in Anaheim. In his first game of the day, his opponents were fixated on stopping him down low, often sending two guys at him.

He has enough awareness to know if he cannot do anything with the ball himself, so he passes it out and regains position. Tarczewski was passed to a bit more on Wednesday and his hook shot was not falling or he was victim of some bad passes. He still plays above the rim and likes to finish with authority, which has so many people loving his game.


Isaac Hamilton: Hamilton is the catalyst for Team Jennings and once again was just that for his team on Wednesday. Brandon Randolph hurt his knee while we watched him, so it was up to Hamilton to run the point. He did pretty well and was more of a distributor than a scorer. He helped players like Demetris Morant and Skylar Spencer have better outings.

Chris Thomas: There is no doubt that Thomas has been in a bit of a funk during the month of July and in his earlier game on Wednesday it was much of the same. His shot has not been falling and he did not get a jumper to fall for him.

He is still good at getting his teammates involved and was very effective at attacking the rim, including an and-1 dunk that got the crowd on of its feet. Consistency is the issue for Thomas right now and he does not have the confidence with his jumper either.

The Colorado Hawks have not had a great summer as their most consistent player has been Cory Calvert, but Thomas remains competitive despite not scoring at a high level like he did in the spring.


Aaron Holiday: This was the first time we saw Holiday play with the 17 and under Eleate team and while he is extremely talented at his age, the style of play is still just a bit fast for him at this point. This is not to say Holiday couldn't have a better day on Thursday, but he has to adjust to the speed.

He tried to do what he does best, which is score, but was not really sure when he should have shot the ball or pass it to a teammate for a higher percentage shot. There is no doubt that Holiday will be a great talent and situations such as this will only help him.

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