Best of Summer Evaluations: Part B was in attendance for the Double Pump Best of Summer Tournament and here is a look at Shaqquan Aaron, Landen Lucas, and more.

ANAHEIM, Calif - The Double Pump Best of Summer Tournament started on Wednesday and here is the second part of our evaluations.


Landen Lucas: Lucas was solid on Wednesday, as he looked to be his normal self. Lucas showed nice range, although he tends to get a bit carried away and shoot from behind the arc.

Lucas leaves something to be desired athletically and we would like to see him work off the block bit more, as he seems to be strictly a face up player as of now.

Still, Lucas is an effective player and efficient, which makes him an intriguing prospect as somebody that would very likely be in college for four years.


Shaqquan Aaron: Aaron was impressive in Las Vegas and picked it up again his first day in Anaheim. The reason Aaron is so intriguing is that he can really do it all and still has plenty of room to grow as a player.

On Wednesday, we saw Aaron be effective from behind the arc, while also taking it to the rim when the opportunity presented itself.

Aaron can still get stronger and has room for improvement, but there are not many better prospects in the class of 2014.

Parker Cartwright: If there is a better point guard in 2014, we really have not seen him yet. We've now seen Cartwright numerous times and he has yet to have a bad game.

Playing with Cal Supreme 17 for the first time, Cartwright finished with 20 points and was the best player on the court in a game that included Landen Lucas.

Cartwright shows great vision and just gets it in terms of what decision to make. With the way he is playing, it definitely would not be a surprise to see Cartwright get offered by Arizona sooner than later.

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