Best of Summer Evaluations Day Two was in attendance for the second day of the Double Pump Best of Summer tournament and here are evaluations of Jordan Bell, Gabe York, and others.

ANAHEIM, Calif. - was in attendance for the Double Pump Best of Summer and Pangos GBOA events. Here is the first part of our evaluations:


Gabe York: York did not have an amazing game, but he also did not struggle. He played a solid game and did not turn the ball over as he seemed to focus plenty on getting his teammates involved.

York's scoring ability is already well-documented and when his team needed him the most, York had no problem scoring.

In addition, he had numerous opportunities to show off his athleticism and had numerous passes in traffic to teammates for dunks as well as finishing with some of his own.

Kaleb Tarczewski: Tarczewski is completely out of gas at this point in the summer, as are most players in the country.

Still, he continues to play hard and that is something that no other team will be able to contain. Tarczewski may not be dominating games, but he is playing well and remaining efficient.

Tarczewski should be better on the glass in these games, but his stamina and strength could also be effecting his ability to hold on to a rebound.


Jordan Bell: Bell is running with Compton Magic and works well with Gabe York, as both fed off of each other in transition.

Bell's offense still leaves something to be desired, but he is the perfect example of a player that is going to have to make sure he makes the right choice.

On a team with plenty of scorers, Bell is going to be his most effective because he can focus the majority of his efforts and energy on defense, where he excels.

Chris Thomas: Thomas was better on Thursday than he was on Wednesday, but still has not been able to get over the hump.

One underappreciated aspect of Thomas; game is that he is a strong passer, but he often has to put the offense on his back.

Thomas received a technical on Thursday and his attitude is a bit frustrating, especially because he still has a solid amount of talent.

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