Phoenix prepster opens a lot of eyes

Moon Valley is at it again. The Phoenix high school that produced former Wildcat Richard Jefferson, has another rangy wing player that is turning heads. 6-6 Devon Evertsten is an incoming junior, but already has hopes of following in Jefferson's footsteps.

"U of A is my favorite school," Evertsten said. However, he isn't blinded by loyalty to his in-state favorites. " I won't think about going to a school if they have a players of the year on the team at my position. Then I wouldn't go there. I want to stay on the West Coast, that way my dad and mom can see me play."

Although part of the class of 2003, Evertsten is playing well at the Nike Camp in Indianapolis. That shouldn't come as a surprise, he had to earn his invitation to the Hoosier state.

"I went to the Nike Hoops Jamboree, that's for the sophomores, and if you are in the top-10 they invite you here."

Despite his strong play and great potential, Evertsten is a little awestruck by the Nike experience.

"Everyone here is as good or better than me. I like seeing everybody. I watched Amare Stoudemire play. I don't get to play against him. I want to play against all of the best players. I just like watching them play."

Evertsten has had his difficulties with stronger, older players.

"Every time I get past my man they stop me. I need to pull up; I can't get to the basket. I need to get stronger. When I get home I'll be doing a lot of weight lifting."

Despite some deficiencies, Evertsen is very skilled with a ton of upside. He's a good shooter and passes well.

Evertsten is already drawing comparisons to another Phoenix area prep, Bryson Krueger. Both are athletic and long, but on the slight side.

"I know Bryson," Evertsen said. "He's a good player. We play kind of similar."

His team a Moon Valley was strong and could be as good or better this season.

"We went to the final four and lost to Tucson Sahuaro. We just had a bad game at the wrong time. We just need to work on our defense and we should be back there again."

As is the case with many big-time high school basketball players, Evertsten will get little rest this summer.

"Right after I get to Phoenix I have to get on a plane and go to Dallas with my AAU team."

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