What we learned: Second evaluation period

WildcatAuthority.com takes a look at what we learned in the second evaluation period, including what players stood out, priorities, and more.

One of the best parts about the second evaluation period is that it helps show us what the different priorities are, what players stood out, and more.

Here are a few items that we learned during that second evaluation period.

1. 2013 target list changing: Isaac Hamilton and Chris Thomas are two names that Arizona fans have been familiar with for a while, but it seems that they are going to have to get familiar with other names as well.

Keith Frazier is one player that we had not talked about much going into the second evaluation period, but now it seems that he will be a player that Arizona chooses to go after.

Chris Thomas struggled a bit in that same time and now it is a bit more of a wait and see approach than it was before.

Players like Brian Bridgewater and Jordan Bell are likely to now get more attention than names like Ikenna Iroegbu and others due to how they played in the evaluation period.

2. Find me a point guard: Frankly, we are having trouble doing it for 2013.

Nate Britt is solid, but probably not the best in the country like he is ranked and Zach Lavine is highly regarded as well, but did not play this summer.

Beyond that, we really do not know where to look. Brandon Randolph is not good enough right now, Arizona is not recruiting Josh Newkirk too much and a handful of familiar names have not proven to be good enough yet.

Maybe those players will improve or new names will emerge, but Arizona needs a point guard in 2013 and right now there is not a whole lot to choose from.

3. Washington will be a force: Get ready for some battles with Washington when it comes to recruits.

The Huskies lead for Aaron Gordon and are right there for Jabari Bird as well.

A solid amount of players Arizona is looking at are mentioning Washington and you can be assured that the Huskies will not go down without a fight, which should make some some interesting recruiting battles.

4. Arizona is already a force: Yes, Washington deserves respect, but conversations we had in Vegas often turned to what Sean Miller and company are building.

There seems to be a general understanding that Arizona is going to have a great chance to get any recruit that it puts in full effort to get and a lot of teams want no part of that.

Miller still wants to see the program have more success and there is plenty of room to build, which is a scary proposition for a lot of schools not only in the west, but the entire nation.

5. Watch out for 2014: Shaqquan Aaron was one of the more impressive players we saw in the evaluation and, as a prospect, there are not a lot ahead of him.

He already has a strong ability to hit jumpers and seems to understand the game well.

The same can be said for Parker Cartwright, who may be the best point guard we saw in the class.

Stanley Johnson is another player that many are familiar with and although we only saw him twice during the evaluation period, he remains the same strong player that poses problems for opponents.

None of those players may have been more intriguing than Justise Winslow, who seemed to coast a bit, but remains a great prospect.

Winslow can score in a variety of ways and when he learns to play with full effort and take to coaching, we see him as a top 15 prospect.

Arizona is going to have a ton of options in 2014 and it should be fun to watch the recruiting process play out.

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