Las Vegas impressions: 2013 and 2014 saw numerous prospects in Las Vegas and here are our impressions of the 2013 and 2014 players that we saw. had a chance to see a lot of Arizona prospects in Las Vegas this past week and here are our impressions


Eric Cooper

Cooper was up-and-down throughout the Fab 48. He did show flashes of potential that point to him being a solid point guard that can shoot, but disappeared for stretches and went completely scoreless in the game in which his Belmont squad was eliminated. He can develop into a much better player, but he will need to learn to be more consistent. He won't be able to put up zero points at the next level and expect to play much; especially at a school such as Arizona.

Chris Thomas

Thomas had an inconsistent weekend, but it was evident why people feel he is talented. He has superior athleticism and can be an elite scorer, but plays erratic at times and needs to make better decisions with the ball in his hands.

Thomas' abilities can be a serious asset to a good chunk of teams. He could provide a slashing scorer from the shooting guard position and open the floor for the rest of the team. He will need to work on his consistency from the field and fix a couple of the minor flaws in his game, but Thomas should be a player we expect to hear from often in college should everything work out.

Brian Bridgewater

This was one of the bigger surprises for us. When we see a 6-foot-6, 230-power forward, we immediately think he is a big body but will struggle excelling at the next level without growing a couple of inches. About five minutes of watching Bridgewater play completely debunked that theory.

The first thought when we saw him catch an alley-oop pass and dunk it in the defender's face despite being mugged like a NFL wide receiver was, "Charles Barkley". To be fair to Bridgewater, that may be a tough comparison on a kid who is just entering his junior year of high school, but it's hard not to get excited about his potential when you watch him play.

For a forward with his stature, it's surprising to see how high he can get up. He is also an exceptional rebounder and knows how to get into position on the offensive end of the floor. Given that he still has two years of development left before he'll touch a college floor, Bridgewater is going to make some school very happy once he gets a shot at the next level.

Jordan Bell

Bell has the potential to be a superior defender in college. He only stands at 6-foot-7, but he can jump out of the building. He had a contest where he had too many blocks to count and was an absolute menace of a defender in the paint.

Bell is a bit rough around the edges on the offensive end of the floor. He has very little range on his shot and missed badly from outside on several occasions. He can get to the rim and finish strong, so if he can improve his outside shot, he can take his game to a whole new level.


Emmanuel Mudiay

Mudiay became better each game throughout the course of the tournament. In his first contest, Mudiay showed what you may expect from a 2014 prospect. He was timid, made some questionable decisions and, quite frankly, looked a bit intimidated.

But as each game passed, Mudiay looked better and better. He started showing elite skills on both ends of the floor. He made life difficult in one-on-one situations for defenders as he was able to score from inside, outside and mid-range. His defense was also very surprising for a player who only has one year of high school basketball under his belt.

By the end of Mudiay's run at the Adidas Super 64, he was one of the more frequently discussed underclassmen in the tournament. He seems to possess the potential to be elite in every aspect of the game. By the time his senior year rolls around, Mudiay should be widely-regarded as one of the nation's top prospects.

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