Top five upperclassmen we're excited for

Veterans report on Wednesday and here are five that we are excited to see in action.

With the veterans reporting on Wednesday, it is time to take a closer look at those that may make an impact.

1. Nick Foles: The offense will go as far as Foles takes it and this could be the best season of his career.

He has plenty of talent around him and has been in the offensive scheme long enough to succeed.

Foles has battled inconsistency in his career at Arizona, but we are interested to see if he can become a more consistent signal caller.

2. Juron Criner: You get the feeling that Criner will take the offseason rumors and turn them into momentum.

Criner is one of the best receivers in the country and with talent around him to make him better, Criner seems ready to have a huge season.

There is a reason why Criner did not go to the NFL and this season is the perfect opportunity for Criner to prove that he can do even better than last year.

3. Dan Buckner: Buckner had a lot of talk around him last season and never had the opportunity to back it up.

Now, Buckner is going to hit the field and fans and coaches alike are curious to see just how much of an impact he can make.

If Buckner is as good as advertised, Arizona's offense has the ability to be dominant and that is a trait that the coaching staff badly wants.

4. Paul Vassallo: The main reason we are excited to see Vassallo is because it is difficult to imagine him doing a lot better than he did last season.

Vassallo surpassed expectations last year and will likely enter this season with major pressure on him to lead a depleted unit.

Vassallo has the talent to be one of the best linebackers in the conference and he will have to be if the Wildcats are going to be successful defensively.

5. Shaquille Richardson: Richardson started last season in a blaze, as he quickly made a case to be a starter.

He slowed down a bit and now that Richardson has a full season under his belt, we are interested in seeing how he does.

In terms of pure talent, Richardson has enough to be very successful at this level. Trevin Wade is going to get all he can handle and that is definitely one position battle to watch.

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