Thomas talks South Kent

Chris Thomas is trying to make sure he is remaining on the right track and he continues through the recruiting process. He is now headed to South Kent and talks with about the move.

It has not been a smooth ride during the high school years for Denver native Chris Thomas, who has decided on attending yet another prep school. With Westwind Prep now moving to La Jolla, Calif., Thomas and his family thought it would be best for him to attend South Kent School in Connecticut.

The decision came after careful consideration of a few prep schools including La Jolla Prep, but Thomas said ultimately he thinks he made the best decision for his future.

"The decision was based just on the fact that I can get to a better school that will help me graduate," said Thomas. "My other school was La Jolla Prep, but we weren't sure about the move so my decision is South Kent."

South Kent has a good track record with players who are in need of a bit of help academically and just getting players prepared for the next level. Isaiah Thomas left Seattle his senior season to attend South Kent before attending Washington.

Most notably for Arizona fans is that small forward Kevin Parrom attended South Kent after leaving St. Raymond's in the Bronx. The school has been successful at getting players to the Division One level and Thomas is hoping to be next in line.

Along with the academic help Thomas will receive, he will also be able to play against some top level competition.

"I'm excited about it basketball wise because I can go back out east and play at the highest level," explained Thomas. "I like the basketball out there better because it is fast paced rather than back at home."

Ranked number six in the's Top 100 in the class of 2013, Thomas first burst onto the scene with a strong summer in 2009. At the time, he attended Princeton Day Academy in Maryland before transferring to Westwind Prep in Phoenix and now will head back east to go to South Kent.

Thomas' recruitment remains the same as he is still listing Arizona, Xavier, and Tennessee, with Kansas and Kentucky making contacting with him. Academics may scare some programs away, but the 6-foot-4, 180-pound shooting guard is ready to clamp down on his academics and not worry about visits.

‘Not right now," said Thomas of taking any visits. "I need to focus on school and I'm just waiting for that to start. Maybe next summer I'll visit then."

He said he had a good academic year this past year but still has to make up some ground in a couple of subjects. Thomas says his relationship with Arizona and the coaching staff remains strong.

"My relationship is good with Arizona," said Thomas. "Coach Miller and I talk a lot; he's a good guy. Coach Whitford is a good guy too and he's funny."

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