8/4 Fall Camp: Notebook

The first day of Fall Camp came and went in a matter of hours. Who stood out? Who were the starters on the offensive line? Read on to find out that and more.

Thursday kicked off the first day of Fall Camp and here are some observations on what seemed like a normal day of practice.

  • Juron Criner has been the attention of the offseason and on Thursday he looked just fine. As stated before, the problem was not physical and it does not seem to be affecting his focus, as he made numerous grabs in the 11-on-11 drills.

  • There were not a lot of newcomers that got playing time on Thursday, which is not unusual considering it is the first practice. Tim Kish seemed to pay special attention to David Lopez, likely in hopes of getting him ready for the season opener, as he physically already looks the part.

    Tra'Mayne Bondurant and Patrick Onwuasor also got some playing time and both made the most of the opportunities given to them.

  • The offensive line is still the same it was in the spring with each player remaining in his starting position. At left tackle was Mickey Baucus, Chris Putton started at left guard, Kyle Quinn at center, Trace Biskin at right guard, and Fabbians Ebbele at right tackle.

    It may have been the first day, but the offensive line did just fine. There is definitely room for improvement, but 11-on-11 drills give the defensive lines an advantage and it was not a huge one on Thursday.

    It would not be a shock if there was some movement along the line before the season started, but it got off to a decent start on the first day.

  • Gino Crump took off where he ended last year in terms of practice performances. There have always been players that have performed well in camp, but have been unable to crack the main rotation and last season Crump was an example of this.

    On Thursday, he had a fantastic catch over Derrick Rainey and added a few more receptions. Crump may not be a starter, but he will likely give the coaching staff something to at least think about.

  • It is often difficult to tell in the situations that camp presents, but the defensive line may be a bit underrated. At the very least, it is fast enough to give opposing defenses trouble, especially off the edge with C.J. Parish and Mohammed Usman.

    The defensive line may not be a dominant unit, but it looks like it can help out considerably if it can get pressure on the insides, thus making it easier for the pass rush.

  • The battles in the secondary should be fun to watch, as Shaquille Richardson and Jonathan McKnight are going to make major moves for playing time.

    Both played well on Thursday with McKnight getting an interception and Richardson having numerous pass break ups.

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