Fall Camp 8/5: Recap

The intensity picked up in Arizona's second day of Fall Camp. Read on to see who stood out, what the concerns were, and more.

The second day of Fall Camp had a little more intensity than the first, as it was a day for the offense and the defense took some exception to its success.

"I thought it was another productive day," Mike Stoops said. "It was good to see our offense finish strong and finish the two minute drill at the end of practice."

Almost immediately after the 7-on-7 drills started, the defensive backs and receivers started jawing back and forth with each other with defensive back Mark Watley making it clear that they wanted to put on pads and start hitting already.

The 7-on-7 drill started with Nick Foles finding Richard Morrison, Juron Criner, Daniel Jenkins, Terrence Miller, and Garic Wharton to complete his first five passes.

Bryson Beirne then came in and found Morrison for a short gain followed by one to Austin Hill. Terris Jones gained a few yards on a swing pass and then Beirne found Dan Buckner down the middle of the field.

Foles came back in and continued where he left off, throwing to Keola Antolin for a short gain and then hitting Miller down the middle of the field.

Criner then caught two balls in a row and Buckner burned Lyle Brown and Josh Robbins on the next play, causing Mike Stoops to march across the field and chew Robbins out for missing the safety coverage.

On the next play, Foles threw his first incomplete pass before giving way to Beirne, who found Jenkins for a short gain.

For the third time, Miller caught a ball in the middle of the field and Morrison followed with a catch by the right sideline.

Morrison then caught a short pass, but would have been laid out by Robert Golden if hitting was allowed.

Foles closed the drill with a pass to Morrison, followed by an incomplete throw, another short pass to Morrison, and a deep ball to Tyler Slavin, who burned Shaquille Richardson on the play.

Arizona then moved to 11-on-11 drills and the success of the offense continued, but also slowed down a little bit.

Foles started by finding Antolin for a short gain and then threw an incomplete pass that was intended for Criner.

The defensive line then forced Foles into a running situation before Mohammed Usman and C.J. Parish put pressure on Foles for the sack.

Beirne did not have much success on his first turn, as he threw two incomplete passes and gave it to Kylan Butler for a running play before hitting Morrison for a short gain.

Foles came in and threw an incomplete pass before getting Miller in the middle of the field once again and tossing it out to Antolin for a swing pass.

Beirne came in and threw an incomplete pass then handed it off to Daniel Jenkins, as Jenkins gained some yards in the air on the next play.

Morrison then caught a short pass and Foles came in to find Butler in the flat and throw a completion to Miller on the sideline.

Sione Tuihalamaka and Usman shared a sack on the next play and it was Beirne's last shot at turning around.

He came in and ran for a short gain before throwing it up to Criner for an incomplete pass. Had Criner made the catch, it would have been remarkable, as he was sandwiched in between two defenders.

A run by Jenkins and Butler then ended Beirne's shot and Foles entered for his last one. Foles found Gino Crump on the left side and followed with a play action pass to Drew Robinson.

Butler then caught a short pass and Usman had his third sack of the day on the next play before KaDeem Carey got his first carry.

"We have some awfully strong parts and some parts we need to work on," Stoops said. "I have really been impressed with our defensive ends. I think they are doing a great job."

Arizona entered the two-minute drill and it started with Foles getting Miller on a deep ball twice in a row.

After an incomplete pass, Buckner burned his man and scored a touchdown to officially bring the second day of Fall Camp to an end.

Afterwards, Stoops felt that the offense played well later in practice because of how the defense overall was performing.

"I think we are making each other better," he said. "I really like what our secondary is doing right now. I think it is making our receivers and quarterbacks have to execute."

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