8/6 Fall Camp: Recap

WildcatAuthority.com was in attendance for Saturday's Fall Camp. Read on to see which players fought, who scored, and more.

It may have been the slightly later start or the fact that the team was in shoulder pads, but practice was much more intense on Saturday.

We started by watching the one-on-one wide receiver versus defensive backs drill, which is usually fun to watch, as the receivers have a bit more freedom.

The following is the sequence that we witnessed:

Richard Morrison beat Trevin Wade

Dan Buckner made a nice move to catch a comeback

Trevor Ermish had the ball go off his hands

Johnny Jackson burned Blake Brady

Joe McKnight broke up a pass

Juron Criner beat Derrick Rainey

Incomplete pass to Sean Willet

Garic Wharton beat Josh Robbins

Tyler Slavin beat Kyrel Parker

David Richards dropped a pass

Austin Hill incomplete

Buckner incomplete

Patrick Onwuasor beats Wade inside

Terrence Miller beats Robbins

Jackson beats Mark Watley deep

McKnight beat Gino Crump

Ermisch drop

Morrison burns Brady

Wharton beats Robbins

Criner goes short on Rainey

Willet burns Jourdon Grandon

From there, the team broke up into defense and offense and focused a bit on running and converting passing plays on third down.

Keola Antolin started off with a successful carry and Wharton was just as successful on a reverse the next play.

Daniel Jenkins then had a short run and Jonathan McKnight broke up the next pass. Matt Scott came in and handed it to Kylan Butler for a short gain and then kept it for himself on the next play.

Shaquille Richardson broke up the next passing play and Buckner followed with a catch under pressure.

Nick Foles came in and fumbled the snap before finding Drew Robinson on the next player. David Douglas then had a reception and Mohammed Usman and C.J. Parish stopped Jared Baker in his tracks on the next play.

Scott came in and found Buckner for a short gain and followed by finding Taimi Tutogi for another before the team officially went into 7-on-7 drills.

Foles was the starter here and found Austin Hill on two straight passes, with the first to the outside and the second under.

Foles completed a pass to Criner on the next play, but it likely would have been a sack due to the time it took. The next play would have had similar results, but Foles settled for a short pass to Jenkins instead.

Scott came in and immediately threw it to Wharton before getting Butler on a screen pass. Hill caught a long ball down the middle of the field and Crump followed with a solid catch of his own.

Foles re-entered and completed a ball to Morrison, followed by a pass to Douglas. Terrence Miller then caught two quick passes before Hill caught another short one.

Scott had his best play of the day when he found Douglas deep on the right side and followed by hitting Criner short and Miller across the field.

Foles then went incomplete, found Morrison short and then hit Douglas down the field for a score after freezing the defense with a pump fake. The 7-on-7 drill ended on three consecutive incomplete passes, due in large part to good coverage, and then moved to 11-on-11.

Foles was forced to run on the first play due to pressure and then handed it off to Tutogi for a short gain.

Drew Robinson made a big catch down the middle of the field on the next play and Foles found Crump after rolling out to the right side.

Scott then came in and completed a pass to Miller before being sacked by Lamar De Rego on the next play.

Antolin then caught a short pass to the left and Scott found Criner short after a bad snap. Foles came right in and threw to Butler for a short gain before throwing an incomplete pass.

Morrison was then unable to catch the next pass attempt and Matt Scott came in to get to work, finding Criner on the first play.

Austin Hill then picked up a handful of yards on a reverse before Aiulua Fanene got a sack on the next play.

That is when practice got intense, as there was a scuffle among Jack Baucus and a few other linemen. It was one of the better ones we have seen in years, as both sides went at it and the coaches did not mind letting it happen, as it has been building for days.

On the next play, Gino Crump took a swing at Shaq Richardson and both players went to the ground for a fight of their own, which did not last long.

Once play resumed, Morrison lined up at quarterback in the Wildcat formation and had a short run before giving way to Foles again.

Jenkins had a short gain on the next play and Hill followed with one of his own. Scott came in and threw an incomplete pass, as Jenkins received another carry on the next play.

Criner then caught a ball on the left side and Scott connected with Miller for an easy catch down the field.

Foles entered and handed it off to KaDeem Carey before throwing two incomplete passes and starting the two minute drill.

Crump caught a 15-yard pass to start the drill and then Antolin followed with a short gain. Parish then came up with another sack before Buckner made a fantastic catch down the sideline.

Criner then caught a 40-yard bomb that looked to be overthrow, but was somehow caught. It was a catch that no other receiver on the team would have likely made and another indication of just how good Criner can be.

The score was not given to Criner, as Mike Stoops wanted a field goal and Alex Zendejas hit the 22-yarder to end practice.

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