8/8 Fall Camp: Recap

WildcatAuthority.com was in attendance for Monday's practice, as Tyler Slavin made a major impact. Read on to see the other players that stood out.

Practice was somewhat uneventful in the sense that the intensity was not extremely high, but both the offense and defense was competing well.

We started by watching the scout team for the first time since Fall Camp started and although we did not stay for the entire 7-on-7 session, we watched long enough to make a few impressions.

Daxx Garman looks like he is coming along nicely, as he had a completing to Sean Willet that was in between two defenders and perfectly thrown.

Patrick Onwuasor beat Kyrel Parker and continues to impress to the point where Mike Stoops mentioned him being impressive once again after practice.

Trevor Ermisch had three catches in a row at one point and seemed to be giving the secondary fits, as he worked well with Garman and Bryson Beirne.

After that, we went back to the first unit in time for the first 11-on-11 drill. Nick Foles started with a run and then found Austin Hill on the left side. Dan Buckner then cut across the field and caught an inside screen that would have been a big play, followed by a Foles screen pass to Daniel Jenkins.

Matt Scott came in and threw an incomplete pass on his first pass. Kylan Butler then caught a short pass and Marquis Flowers laid him out, causing him to drop the ball.

Slavin then caught a pass on the right side and dropped the next pass inside, as Foles re-entered the action.

After throwing an incomplete pass, Foles found Richard Morrison on the right side and then Keol Antolin fumbled a carry on the next play. Foles then had a running attempt, threw an incomplete pass, and handed it to Daniel Jenkins for a short gain before Scott came back on.

Scott threw it to David Hill on the right side and had to run on the next play due to pressure from Chris Merrill.

On the next play, Slavin caught a deep touchdown pass over Kyrel Parker and he would add to it later. Austin Hill then caught a pass and Jenkins had a short run to the right. Scott followed with an incomplete pass and then hit Terrence Miller.

Terris Jones then got his carry of the game before Scott ran himself and followed with an incomplete pass. Reggie Gilbert got a hand on the next pass attempt and batted the ball to the ground, which led to Foles coming in.

After throwing an incomplete pass, Foles found Miller on the right sideline as he caught the ball with one foot inbounds in impressive fashion.

Foles then threw a deep completion to Slavin before being pressured by Saneilia Fuiamaono and having to throw short to Antolin.

Scott came in and fumbled the snap as he threw to Austin Hill on the next play. Scott then completed a pass to Miller inside and came back to Hill on the left side.

Foles came in and handed it off to Butler before giving it to Gino Crump for a solid gain through the air. Taimi Tutogi followed with a short gain of his own and Foles pitched it to Austin Hill for a short gain on the next play.

Scott came in and found Terris Jones for a short gain, as Foles would then enter for the two minute drill that normally ends practice.

Foles started with a nice gain to Richard Morrison and followed with an eight-yard pass to Crump. Antolin was then completely shut down behind the line of scrimmage by C.J. Parish for a loss of about three yards.

After an incomplete pass, Foles found room on the left side and was able to score, letting Scott come in for some time in the drill.

Scott handed it off to Butler on his first play and then found Slavin on the right side before throwing an interception to Jourdon Grandon two plays later to end practice.

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