York talks about adidas Nations experience

Gabe York had a successful weekend at adidas Nations and WildcatAuthority.com had a chance to talk with him about it, including what it was like to be a teammate of Kaleb Tarczewski, proving people wrong, and more.

LOS ANGELES, Calif. - It wasn't for the championship, but Gabe York led his USA 2012 Red team to a third place victory Monday afternoon at Adidas Nations. York has been the leading scorer at the event and Monday was no different.

With 23 points, York used his outside shot and poise inside to really get the soon to be seniors going and eventually pull away from USA 2013 Blue, winning the game 130-118. The 6-foot-2, 170-pound Arizona commit was named game MVP.

York averaged 24.3 points per game and led the entire tournament in scoring to go along with 2.5 assists per game. For York, being named MVP and his play over the entire weekend was definitely a statement he wanted to make.

"I just feel that a lot of people overlook me," said York. "I really don't look at the rankings because in the end of the day I'm going to be the player that I'm going to be and those rankings don't make me who I am.

"So I just came out here and played how I usually played, got the team involved as well. Luckily I knew a lot of the guys that I played with before this came around, so they knew how I played and I know how they play."

Overall, this was York's first event with Adidas Nations and he exceeded all expectations. York says that he wanted to make a statement with his play.

"I think that statement was that people need to stop sleeping on me," explained York. "I'm a lot better than whatever I am in the country and that people better look out."

He was able to halt many doubters this weekend and for him to be the top scorer in the event opened a lot of eyes. Many times a player can feel comfortable with his own game when he is surrounded by players of high quality as well.

York was surrounded by some of the nation's best players in the class of 2012 and while they fell short of the ultimate goal of playing for the championship, Team Red was loaded.

"Dajuan Coleman and Kaleb Tarczewski are great big men when we feed it in there," said York. "They always do a great job. Even with Robert Upshaw too, he has gotten a lot better than where he started. Our guard play was great, Yogi Ferrell and Xavier Johnson played great as well and you can't really ask for a better team than that."

At 7-foot-0, 220-pounds, Tarczewski has had a shaky summer, but really raised his game this weekend at Adidas Nations. He was able to gain confidence as he learned from team head coach Mike Dunleavy and also from his teammates.

Tarczewski was able to average 12.3 points per game and 4.8 rebounds per game during the weekend and York said the two were able to really get things going on the court together.

"It was amazing playing with him," said York. "We got off to an instant click going from lobs and behind the back passes for dunks. He dunks everything and that makes me look good too; to give him a pass and he finishes it."

It is no secret that Tarczewski is down to Arizona and Kansas with North Carolina and Kentucky trying to make up some ground late. It is late in the recruitment and York had the liberty of playing on the same team as him while in Los Angeles.

At the beginning of the weekend York told WildcatAuthority.com that "[Tarczewski] was going to be my best friend this week." He had four days to be in the big man's ear and said he has a good feeling about the situation.

"I think it's pretty good," explained York. "I'm going to let him have time to be with his family, as he has been gone for three weeks, so just like it was with me I'll give him some time off. I'll text him soon and see how he's doing.

"I won't even mention Arizona but he knows how I feel about it. Me and him have a really good friendship now and it's easy to talk to him, which is good."

York is now done for the summer and starts his senior year in high school in just a couple of weeks.

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