Texas forward trying to get noticed

Arizona has done very well in Houston as of late and it will come as no surprise that the Cats keep an eye on Texas' biggest city for talent. The Cats are already bringing in Ndudi Ebi, Jawann McClellan and Nic Wise, but don't be surprised if the Cats take a long look at another talented Texan.

Fendi Onobun is a 6-7 forward from Alief Taylor High School in Houston. The sophomore has already taken an unofficial visit to Tucson and now wants to prove that he is elite material. He easily passes the "eyeball" test and has a lot of the talents that schools look for.

He's has good size and although he projects as a wing forward, Onobun would like to develop into a more versatile player.

"I'm trying to be the best player I can," Onobun said. "If I get any taller I'd like to be like a Kevin Garnett or an Antwann Jamison. An inside-outside guy like Chris Webber."

At this time Onobun is long but solid. He has a great build for such a young player and it is already apparent that he has been in the weight room. He's athletic and quick but at this point and time he looks more comfortable on the inside. He has great moves in the lane and attacks the hoop.

Onobun came out to visit in March and watched the Cats beat Oregon in the final home game of the season. Onobun visited with Ebi and Wise, and came away impressed just like his Houston Hoops' teammates.

"It was alright," Onobun said of his visit. "I had a good time. I met the coaching staff. I'm not really making any decisions right now but I had a good time."

Onobun is just starting to make a name for himself. Texas is involved as are many of the teams in the Lone Star State, but by the end of the summer folks should know more about the talented Texan. He will participate in a number of tournaments and camps in an effort to get an invite to the Nike All-American Camp in Indianapolis.

With or without the invite Onobun knows that he has work to do to get where he wants.

"I've got to work hard everyday on everything," Onobun confessed. "Outside, inside, weights, running, you got to be the best out there and that is what it takes."

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