UA kicks off camp in Ft. Huachuca

Arizona kicked off its camp at Ft. Huachuca and the day brought mixed results, as the offense and defense had its high and low points. Read on for more.

Ft. HUACHUCA, Ariz. - Arizona kicked off its four day camp at Ft. Huachuca with a relatively light practice, as it will have another one on Thursday night.

"I think it is nice to be here," Mike Stoops said. "It is a lot cooler. Especially for two a days, I think our player will enjoy the cooler weather."

For starters, Arizona had some shifting around defensively due to an injury and newcomer.

"We lost Jourdon Grandon for probably three weeks," Stoops said. "It looks like a knee sprain, but it is not anything long term, so we are trying to continually adjust our secondary and get the best players on the field."

In what can only be described as good timing, Cortez Johnson has been cleared to play and he was able to get some action on Thursday despite not using pads.

The 7-on-7 drill started with Nick Foles finding Juron Criner on the left side, followed by completions to Keola Antolin and David Robert s in the same direction. Daniel Jenkins then received a handoff and was able to run for a short gain to the right side.

Daxx Garman got extended reps on Thursday and he then came in for Foles. Garman started by throwing a ball that was tipped twice, but still caught by Garic Wharton.

Garman then found Austin Hill open deep for what would have been a touchdown, before hitting Tyler Slavin on a short route and giving way to Foles.

Foles threw a completion to David Douglas, an incomplete pass, and then found Douglas again on the right side.

Garman then entered again and Gino Crump made a leaping catch over Cortez Johnson, who misplayed the jump and allowed Crump to score.

"We are not a deep team, so with the linebackers and secondary, guys are going to have to be available and we have to get them to where they are comfortable with our system," Stoops said. Two plays later, Foles came back in and found Terris Jones in the flat before completing a pass to David Roberts.

Foles then threw an incomplete pass and completed one to David Douglas before Garman did the same from 20 yards out for what would be his third touchdown throw of the day.

A few plays later, the team move to the 11-on-11 drill and Foles started it off with an incompletion and a short route to Juron Criner. After an incomplete pass, Jenkins had a short run and then Foles found Dan Buckner on the left side.

KaDeem Carey then had a short gain and Jared Baker followed it with one of his own after an incomplete pass by Foles.

Bryson Beirne came in and completed a pass to Buckner on the right side, but was sacked on the next play by Reggie Gilbert.

Drew Robinson then caught a ball up the middle and Antolin had a short run to the left. Foles came in and had a short pass to Taimi Tutogi before Jenkins gained a few on a run to the right.

Criner caught a ball on the left side on the next play and then Beirne entered and found Terrence Miller for a short gain. Hill caught one of his own on the left side and then an incomplete pass and short run caused Foles to enter the game.

Foles found Douglas short before hitting Criner for a deep touchdown on a spectacular catch in between two defenders.

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