8/12 Fall Camp: Recap

Arizona had its last practice before Saturday's scrimmage and it went well. Read on to see which players stood out, who struggled, and more.

Friday's practice was a little bit less intense than Thursday night's, but still had its fair share of action.

The 11-on-11 drill started with a run by Keola Antolin, who then caught a pass on the right side from Nick Foles. Foles then completed a pass to Richard Morrison on the left side and Dan Buckner had a nice grab on the opposite side.

Bryson Beirne then entered the drill and was the victim of a bad snap. He proceeded to throw an incomplete pass, hand it off to Daniel Jenkins, and then get his second bad snap on the drive before completing a pass to Buckner on the next play.

Foles entered and found KaDeem Carey on a swing pass, handed it off to Taimi Tutogi on the right, and threw an incomplete pass.

On the next play, Morrison lined up at quarterback with Foles at receiver. Morrison took the snap and pitched it to Foles, who proceeded to find Juron Criner for a touchdown.

Arizona then moved to a 7-on-7 drill, which started with Foles completing a deep pass to Gino Crump, who caught it over Shaquille Richardson. Foles then found Criner in the middle and Buckner deep, although it was not a completed pass because he had his foot out of bounds. On the next play, Criner made a fantastic jumping catch over Trevin Wade and Beirne then entered.

Beirne completed a pass to Tyler Slavin on the right side, threw on incomplete, and then threw an interception to Cortez Johnson, who had great coverage on the play.

Foles came back in and completed a pass to Johnny Jackson, found Sean Willett in the middle, and then Morrison on the right side.

A few plays later, Jackson caught a ball from Beirne and three plays after that, caught one from Foles. Foles then completed a pass to Willet on the right side and Beirne came in and complete a deep ball to Slavin.

Crump then caught two balls on the right side before the team went back to its final 11-on-11 drill. Antolin started it with a carry to the left and then Foles completed a pass to Criner, who once again beat Wade.

Two plays later, Slavin caught consecutive passes and then Patrick Onwuasor had his first catch of the day. Foles then found Drew Robinson wide open in the middle, handed it to Antolin for a short gain, and completed a pass to Morrison in the slot.

Beirne came in and had his best sequence of the day, finding Jackson, Douglas, Jenkins, and Morrison on consecutive plays.

The next set of plays were mostly kept on the ground, although one bad snap led to Nick Foles getting sacked and two plays later, Wade came up with a solid interception of Foles.

The team skipped the two-minute drill on Friday and although there were some minor plays, the interception was the last notable one of the day.

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