Fall Camp 8/15: Morning Recap

Arizona has two practices on Monday and the first was a bit sluggish. Read on to see how it went down, with who stood out and who could have played better.

Although there were some highlights, the first practice on Monday was a bit underwhelming, as Mike Stoops admitted afterward.

"It was a little sluggish today," Stoops said. "It was a rough day today, but hopefully we will come back and practice better this afternoon."

The 7-on-7 drill started with Nick Foles finding Gino Crump for a short gain and following with a slant to David Douglas, screen back to Crump, and an incomplete pass to Daniel Jenkins.

Matt Scott came in and completed his first pass to David Roberts before completing one to Elliott Taylor and then finding Dan Buckner on the right side.

A few plays later, Foles came back in and completed a short pass to Richard Morrison. He then found Douglas on the left side and David Roberts for a few more.

Matt Scott came in two plays later and completed a throw to Trevor Ermisch before hitting Juron Criner for a gain and then Sean Willett. Patrick Onwuasor then caught a ball, but it likely would have been a sack considering how much time it took to get him it.

Two plays later, Foles found Roberts again and then Jenkins in the flat before handing it off to Keola Antolin for a small gain. Elliott then got his second catch of the day and Foles completed one to Morrison before Scott came in.

Scott tried to get it to Buckner, but his throw was incomplete. He then threw another incomplete pass before completing a short one to Roberts and giving way to the 11-on-11 drill.

Foles found Douglas on the first play and then a bad snap led to an incompletion, followed by another, as Foles connected with Taimi Tutogi in the flat before Scott came back in.

Scott threw an incomplete pass and then found Crump on the right side. KaDeem Carey then caught one of his own in the flat left and Terrence Miller followed with a catch.

Foles came back in and threw a pass to Buckner before throwing an incomplete pass and getting sacked by Lamar De Rego and Dan Pettinato. On the next play, Foles completed a pass to Crump on the left side and Tutogi gained a decent amount of yards on a run.

Scott came in and threw an incomplete pass before hitting Roberts on what would have been a touchdown, as Mark Watley slipped on the play. Miller then caught a ball on the right and Terris Jones gained a few on the ground.

Foles came in and completed two consecutive passes to Crump before throwing an incomplete pass and then handing it off to Kylan Butler for a short gain. Juron Criner followed with a catch and then Scott came in and completed a nice ball to Garic Wharton down the middle.

A few plays later, Foles entered and completed a pass on the right side to Tutogi and Jared Baker before throwing two incomplete.

Scott came in and handed it off to Carey for a few yards before running on his own and then throwing an incomplete pass intended for Crump.

Foles came in for the last time and threw an incomplete pass before being sacked by Mohammed Usman, completing a pass to Patrick Onwuasor, and handing to Butler for a short run up the middle.


  • Bryson Beirne is schedule for a MRI on Monday and twisting is knee during Saturday's scrimmage.

    "He has a today," Stoops said. "We are not sure. It could be a sprain of all sorts and we won't know until this afternoon. Then we will determine where we go from there with him personally and the position."

  • There are still plenty of questions about the depth chart and Stoops has similar questions, especially at linebacker.

    "We are a long way from being determined who is going to be where," he said. "We are trying to play. That is what camp is. You play a lot of guys and everything is trying to make adjustment to our own team to strengthen us."

  • As of now, there is no leader in the placekicking competition, although there is room for improvement.

    "We are still inconsistent, good at times and bad at times," Stoops said. "We have to be more consistent as a group."

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