Fall Camp 8/15: Evening Recap

Arizona's second practice on Monday was better than the first, but there is still plenty of players out with injury. Read on for an update on Bryson Beirne and a recap of Monday night's action.

Monday night's practice was a bit more crisp than the morning session, although injuries are still the focus, as players continue to sit out.

Arizona head coach Mike Stoops gave an update on Bryson Beirne's knee and it appears that the coach is not ready to make any kind of definitive statement.

"Bryson has a sprained ACL," Stoops said. "We are going to treat it and see what he can do and try to rehabilitate him and put him in a brace and see how he reacts.

"At this point we do not want to operate and give him an opportunity to play. It all depends on how his knee reacts. We have to rehab him for a while and hopefully get him back for a week and see if he is okay."

Much of practice was dedicated to team drills, as the 11-on-11 drill started with Nick Foles finding Terrence Miller on the right side. A few plays later, Foles connected with David Douglas on a deep touchdown pass and then found Gino Crump on a screen on the next play. Foles then threw an incomplete pass intended for Crump and Daxx Garman came in.

Garman handed it off to KaDeem Carey for a nice gain on the ground and then proceeded to hand it off to Taimi Tutogi and Carey again. Tutogi ran it again on the next play and Foles then entered the drill, only to be sacked by Mohammed Usman.

Carey received another hand off, Foles threw an incomplete pass, and then Criner caught a short pass to make up the next three plays. Shaquille Richardson followed up Criner's catch by breaking up one on the next play and then Patrick Onwuasor was able to grab his first target.

Garman came in and connected with Dan Buckner and Elliot Taylor before throwing an incomplete pass and then hitting Garic Wharton. Foles then entered and threw it to Terris Jones, a screen to Carey, and a short pass to David Roberts.

Crump grabbed a deep pass on the next play and then Garman came back in and hit Taylor on a screen before being intercepted down the middle by Mark Watley.

Foles entered after the pick and tried to get Drew Robinson involved, but he dropped it. Wharton then dropped the following pass, as Jared Tevis knocked it loose. Garman came in and completed a pass to Roberts and Richard Morrison before throwing an incompletion.

Foles then found Criner, Robinson, and Criner again to complete three passes in a row and give way to Garman. Garman handed it off to Daniel Jenkins and was then pressured by Lamar De Rego, forcing Garman to hand it off to Jenkins. After Garman completed a pass to Miller, Foles came in and was sacked by Usman and Sione Tuihalamaka.

Trevin Wade then broke up a pass intended for Criner and Foles was forced to run on the next play. Miller then caught a screen pass and Tutogi followed with a short run before Garman came back in.

Kylan Butler gained a few on a carry, Criner had a completion to the left and then Tom Savage entered and threw one incompletion before Foles came back in.,

Foles found Morrison, had a short run, and then handed it off to Jenkins before having a false start and giving way to Garman. Garman was sacked by Derek Earls on his first play and then found Morrison and Miller.

A few plays later, Arizona started the two-minute drill and Foles found Douglas on the first play. He followed with a nice completion to Crump on the right side, an incomplete pass, and then another completion to Douglas.

Douglas then caught another ball in the middle and Foles completed a pass to Morrison before a Jenkins run set up a 29-yard field goal from Alex Zendejas and then Jaime Salazar.

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