8/17 Fall Camp: Morning Recap

WildcatAuthority.com was in attendance for Arizona's morning practice on Wednesday. Read on to see how it went.

Arizona had a bit of a lighter practice on Wednesday, as it went with only upper pads in the morning session.

The 7-on-7 drill started with Nick Foles completing a pass to Keola Antolin and David Douglas before hitting Terrence Miller down the middle twice in a row.

Matt Scott then came in and threw an incompletion before finding Richard Morrison. On the next play, Scott connected with Tyler Slavin and then threw another incompletion.

Foles came back in and found Miller in the middle once again before hitting Kylan Butlet short and then throwing an incompletion. Scott re-entered and completed a pass to Slavin, a short one to Antolin, and then got intercepted by Mark Watley.

Foles came in and threw an incomplete pass, completed a short one to Tutogi and then completed a pass to Juron Criner.

Arizona then moved to 11-on-11 and Foles started with an incompletion before completing a pass to Douglas. Foles then completed a throw to Gino Crump, but he fumbled when he turned to make a move up field. Two plays later, Scott came in and threw an incompletion and had a short gain on the ground before finding Douglas on the left side.

He then proceeded to find Douglas on the left side and KaDeem Carey in the flat before Foles entered the drill. Foles threw an incomplete pass and then had his next attempt batted down by Lamar De Rego before throwing another incomplete pass and having David Roberts drop one as well.

Criner then caught a ball on the left side, Foles threw an incompletion, and Kylan Butler ran to the left. Scott came in and found Austin Hill on the left before Terris Jones had a short run followed by Scott running on his own. Scott then found Michael Cooper open, but Cooper dropped a pass.

Foles re-entered and completed a pass to both Miller and Douglas before Daxx Garman and handed it off to Jenkins and Butler for short gains. Scott came back in and found Crump on a screen pass then got sacked. Jenkins and Butler then had short gains before the snap was fumbled on the following play. Scott completed a pass to Slavin, handed it off to Butler, and then threw an incomplete pass.

Nick Foles came in only to be sacked by C.J. Parish and then Criner made a fantastic catch over Derrick Rainey. He then found Hill deep and Scott came in and had his pass dropped by Hill. He was then sacked again and threw an interception to Watley for the second time before finding Criner up the middle and moving to the two-minute drill.

Foles started the drill with two incompletions, with the second one being a pass that Robert Golden should have intercepted. On third down, Foles connected with Crump for a first down and then threw three incompletions before completing a pass to Daniel Jenkins for the first down.

After an incomplete pass, Foles found Jenkins deep and a run set up a field goal attempt by Alex Zendejas, which missed from 33 yards. Jaime Salaxar then came in and was able to make his attempt to end practice.

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