Scrimmage brings mixed results

Arizona's scrimmage Saturday marked the conclusion of Fall Camp. Read on to see which player had multiple interceptions, which offensive player scored, and the freshman that made the biggest impact.

Saturday's scrimmage brought mixed results, as the offense struggled in some moments, but the defense did as well.

The offense started on its own 29-yard line with a four-yard run and seven-yard reception by Daniel Jenkins. David Douglas then caught a 17-yard pass from Nick Foles and Criner had a short grab for two more.

Foles then threw an incomplete pass, had a false start, and a pass broken up by Flowers before Matt Scott came in two plays later.

Scott started on his own 20-yard line and Drew Robinson dropped his first pass attempt when Mark Watley hit him. David Roberts then caught a 15-yard pass and Jenkins followed with two runs for a combined eight yards. A delay of game and Chris Merril sack helped stall the drive and the offense was forced to punt again.

Foles re-entered and found Jenkins for a five-yard gain in the air before finding him for 20 more two plays later. KaDeem Carey then ran for two yards and two plays later Trevin Wade came up with his first interception of the night.

Scott then came in and started on his own 47 with a three-yard run to Carey. Taimi Tutogi then had a ten-yard run and Scott followed with an incompletion. Gino Crump then gained seven through the air and Roberts followed with six of his own. Jenkins proceeded to gain three yards on the ground and Jaime Salazar hit a 37-yard field goal a few plays later.

Foles entered the game starting from his own 37 and threw an incomplete pass intended for Criner. Jenkins then caught a nine-yard pass and Criner followed up with ten of his own before Trevin Wade came up with another interception two plays later.

Daxx Garman entered for the first time after the interception and handed it to Carey for a gain of eight. Austin Hill then caught two consecutive passes for a total of 15 yards before Tutogi gained eight on the ground. Cortez Johnson then almost came up with an interception and Jenkins caught a pass for a loss. On the play, Jenkins appeared to hurt his leg and limped off the field with what may have been a cramp or pulled muscle.

After a Crump 11-yard reception, Arizona let Alex Zendejas try from 50 yards out and he missed horribly to the right.

Foles came back in and started on his own 20 by completing a pass to Douglas. Two plays later, he completed an 11-yard pass again and Criner then caught a 39-yard touchdown pass on a play in which he beat Shaquille Richardson.

After Salazar missed a 37 and 45-yard field goal attempt, Scott came in and attempted a pass to Tyler Slavin. Johnson was called for pass interference on the play and Scott answered by completing a ten-yard pass to Dan Buckner.

The offense was then called for holding and Garman came in only to struggle and get sacked by Dan Pettinato to force a punt.

A few plays later, Tom Savage entered the game and a bad snap led to Jared Tevis tackling him for a loss. Carey then had a three-yard run and Saneilia Fuiamaono broke up a pass at the line of scrimmage. Savage then threw an incomplete pass, a five-yard throw to Roberts, and then threw an interception to David Lopez.

Savage stayed in and Carey gained 39 yards on the ground before Tutogi answered with six of his own. A few plays later, Buckner caught an eight-yard pass and Zendejas made a 38-yard field goal.

Garman re-entered the game and hit Tutogi for a three-yard gain in the flat. Dominique Austin then came up with a sack and Sean Willett tried to gain it back with a seven-yard reception. Willett then caught a 43-yard pass two plays later and Tyler Ermisch ended the scrimmage with an interception.

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