Interview with Chris Rounds: The freshmen had a chance to sit down with Associate Director of Performance Enhancement Chris Rounds to talk about the incoming freshmen. How has the class looked? What player impressed Rounds the most? Read on to find out. had a chance to sit down with Associate Director of Performance Enhancement Chris Rounds to talk about what kind of shape the basketball team is in. In the first part, we discuss the incoming freshman class. How about the incoming freshmen, how have they looked?

Chris Rounds: They showed up on campus fit and ready to go. For a freshman class, it is the hardest working group of kids I have seen in my career, so they have done a really good job. How do they react to coming on campus and then having a more structured environment?

Chris Rounds: It is hard for them the first few weeks because the workouts are more intense than what they are used to, so they are sore and just being on time, places and class, it is a little bit of an adjustment. Our guys have done a really good job for the most part of doing what they are supposed to. Are there any specific tests you give them when they get on campus to see what kind of shape they are in?

Chris Rounds: When they get on campus we test their body weight and body fat as a gauge where they come in at so we can see how much work they have put in and how they have progressed. Other than that, we have the 185 bench press test to get a gauge and starting point, so when they leave we can show them exactly what they have done. Now going player by player, starting with Josiah Turner. How did he come in?

Chris Rounds: He came in and handled his first workout better than any player I have probably had. Most of the guys really struggle with the first couple of lifts, but he was in really good shape and has done a really good job. He was able to put on 12 pounds in the first three and a half weeks or so, so his body is really good and really takes to training. What is his weight at right now?

Chris Rounds: He is at 191. Is that where you want him?

Chris Rounds: You know, he is a big body kid. It will be interesting to see, but I would say 190-195 is probably a good weight for him. Again, until you see him play and practice, it is really hard to know. I also want input from Coach Miller as to where he wants to see the guys. How about Angelo Chol?

Chris Rounds: Angelo has done a very good job. He works as hard as he possibly can. He is light. He came in at 208 and got up to 217 at the end of Summer II, so he has done a really good job at improving. It is just going to be a process. He has one of those high metabolisms, so it will take him a little while. What's the goal for him?

Chris Rounds: I don't know. If I could keep him above 220-225 for this year I think that is going to be a big win for him, but until he starts to go up and down, I do not know if he will be able to hold weight or not. It will be interesting. How has Nick Johnson looked?

Chris Rounds: Nick came in good shape, he was about 195. He has worked extremely hard and has been here for Summer I and Summer II. With a guy like him, you are not necessarily trying to put more weight on him because he is already substantial. We are really trying to work on his nutrition to get his body fat down, so he dropped about three percent body fat over the summer and is right around 200 pounds. He has done a very good job and is a very hard working young man. With a kid like him, do you worry about balancing weight and losing athleticism?

Chris Rounds: As long as their legs improve at a higher ratio than their weight gain, they should become more athletic in theory. Every person is a little different in that and you kind of have to watch them. I would say in my time with Coach Miller we have never had a person become less athletic than when he came in. How has Sidiki Johnson done?

Chris Rounds: Sidiki came in with low body fat for a big guy. It was in the eights, actually the high sevens. He has put on 16 pounds and is at 240 and came in at 224. He has done a really good job doing what we have asked of him.

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