McCullough's coach talks recruitment

6-foot-8, 205-pound Salisbury (Conn.) School forward Chris McCullough is rapidly becoming one of the most highly regarded players in his class and now may visit Arizona. Read on to see what his AAU coach, Terrance Williams, says about McCullough's recruitment, future plans, and more.

Arizona recently offered 6-foot-8, 205-pound Salisbury (Conn.) School forward Chris McCullough and it now appears that the five-star 2014 forward will be visiting Arizona on August 30 and 31. had an opportunity to speak with his AAU coach, Terrance Williams, about McCullough's recruitment.

"I didn't see Arizona coming because I don't see any schools coming in particular," Williams said. "I know that a lot of people have been offering Chris lately and a lot of people were at our games this summer, so I can't say Arizona was coming, but I had a feeling somebody in the Pac-12 would probably get involved."

McCullough has gotten plenty of offers as of late and could have the ability to choose from many of the best schools in the country as he goes through the recruiting process.

As for the reason for the offers, Williams feels that McCullough had an impressive summer.

"I think it is his consistency game in and game out," he said. "He played about 29 games in July and his ability to consistently come out and perform at that level and win is important. Guys want to see that winning mentality. That is important for athletes to have when they get to that next stage.

"I think the important thing is Chris was in a winning environment and the second thing he performed well individually. He is going to be intriguing at 6-foot-9 and a young kid, good motor that you see has a lot of potential.

With recruiting moving so fast, Williams says that McCullough has yet to think of any favorites.

"He is just wide open," Williams said. "Every couple days he gets a new school in the mix and you have to go visit, speak to the coaching staff, see the environment academically, and see if you are comfortable if that is where you will be living."

One factor that may not play a major role in McCullough's decision is location, as he seems to be open to each school recruiting him.

"He goes to school in Connecticut and lives in New York and travels throughout the country," Williams said. "I really doubt that he will or will not choose a school just because of its location. When you find a place you fall in love with, you have people that you can trust and obviously a coaching staff that can develop you, I think you have to find a fit. I don't think Chris would even consider Arizona if he thought it was too far."

At this point, there are no favorites for McCullough due in large part to the fact that he is somewhat new to the recruiting process.

"It is too early just because you have to get to the point where you are able to articulate the top ten or 15 things you are looking for in a college," Williams said. "If you put things together you are going to see what schools you like and why you like them. He has a bunch of schools that have some pieces, but there is no one clear cut school that would make him say ‘Yeah I can see myself going there."

However, Arizona definitely has plenty to offer McCullough and it is something both he and his coach are aware of.

"Arizona offers a chance to get away from the city," Williams said. "Their style of play up and down and in transition is appealing. Also, how many people they land in the NBA and their consistency with winning. They also have a couple kids from New York."

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