Ashley's mother talks about decision had an opportunity to talk with Brandon Ashley's mother, Lashiem Clark, about the process Brandon went through. Read on to see her thoughts on her son's decision, Sean Miller, and more.

Findlay Prep power forward Brandon Ashley sent shockwaves through the recruiting world on Monday when he decided to end his recruitment early and commit to Sean Miller and the Arizona Wildcats.

Working closely with the nation's number one power forward product was his mother Lashiem Clark, who said her son's decision boiled down to a comfort level with Arizona's head coach.

"I'm elated with Brandon's decision," Clark said. "The whole recruiting process was pretty hectic for both he and I, and over the years we've gotten to know a great group of coaches and staff. It was a pretty tough decision, but Brandon went with his gut. We sat back and talked about it and hashed it out, and he felt the most comfortable with Sean Miller. He has a very good relationship with him.

"Quite honestly, Coach Miller has been recruiting him for a very long time. He's been to an innumerable number of games, and it was just very impressive. He's always been up front, he's always been sincere, not that anyone else hasn't been because I myself loved the other schools Brandon considered his final four. Coach Miller hit it on the nail."

While Ashley never publically admitted to liking Arizona more than any of the other schools in his final four, Clark always knew her son had taken a special liking to what Sean Miller is doing at Arizona.

"Brandon has always loved Arizona," Clark said. "Pretty much from day one, he's had a good rapport with Sean. I kind of knew that's where he was leaning, but we weren't for certain. He definitely wanted to take some visits and experience some different things and get some different information about schools. When it came down to it, when you feel the closeness with the head coach, it's all the better. Everything just kind of came together."

However, the 6-foot-8, 190-pound five-star prospect isn't the only one who has developed a relationship with Miller, as his mother knows that he'll be taking her son places once he officially joins Arizona.

"I feel like I can call Sean and speak to him about anything," Clark said. "He's just a very down-to-earth, sincere, genuine guy. I feel very comfortable with him. I honestly feel that Sean can develop him and he can get him to a level where the sky is the limit."

Ashley was on campus on Sunday for an unofficial visit with his mother, and Clark could not have been more pleased with how her son's time in Tucson went.

"He just spoke with them and just felt like it was home," Clark said. "Of course with Nick (Johnson) and Josiah (Turner) there, it was just like a reunion. It was a completely positive experience."

After visiting Arizona, Ashley took the time it took to travel from Tucson back to Findlay to discuss his decision with his mother and arrived at the conclusion he was ready to wrap up his recruitment and pledge to Arizona.

"I just talked to him last night when we were traveling back," Clark said Monday. "He soaked it all in and he was just relaxed the whole time. He's happy with his choice. Basically what he said was, ‘I think it's time'. I looked at him, I knew what he was talking about but I just wanted him to relay it to me.

"He told me it just felt right. He said, ‘Sean has been recruiting me forever. He's the only one who stuck by us, and I feel very comfortable with him and I think it's time'."

With her son Brandon Ashley in the fold, Clark sees a bright future for his former Oakland Solders' teammates as well as the rest of the team and is excited to see her son reunited with Turner and Johnson.

"It's going to be unbelievable, they're going to go very far," Clark said. "Because of the relationship he has with Josiah and Nick, former teammates, their connection is unbelievable. As you could see when they played for the Soldiers, it was incredible to watch. I'm very excited they're going to get to play again together.

"I was happy to see Josiah and Nick, because when you travel with the team you get to know the kids, and they're great kids. I'm just very ecstatic he's going to be a part of it. He has a great relationship with Grant Jerrett, so I think it just makes it all the better. It really just seems like home."

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