Analysts break down Ashley's decision

Arizona received a major commitment on Monday with the decision of Brandon Ashley. Read on to see analysts Evan Daniels, Brian Snow, and Josh Gershon break it down.

The effects of Brandon Ashley committing to Arizona continues to make waves across the nation. It was only three seasons ago when the Wildcats were in turmoil and had no idea when they would be able to get back on top.

Since the day Sean Miller was hired at the University of Arizona he has gone above and beyond and has returned Arizona back into a premier basketball program ahead of schedule. national recruiting analysts Evan Daniels, Brian Snow and Josh Gershon have all watched Brandon Ashley throughout high school and have also seen the job that Miller has done at Arizona.

Arizona's class of Grant Jerrett, Gabe York and now Brandon Ashley shapes up to be a great trio of players.

"This is a heck of a group," explained Daniels. "Sean Miller is absolutely doing a great job. He is becoming a force out there on the west coast and is doing a great job of keeping a lot of the elite kids close to the west.

"He got a scoring sensation in Gabe York who can really fill it up. Then he landed two pretty skilled forwards that can really play well with each other. This is huge."

Snow agrees with Daniels as this is one of the biggest commitments from the summer. It should not come as a surprise as Miller has been seeing success since he arrived in Tucson.

"It speaks for itself," said Snow. "It started when he arrived in Tucson and landed Kevin Parrom, Solomon Hill, Momo Jones and Derrick Williams, which ends up being a great class. Then last summer he turns around and does it again with landing Josiah Turner, Nick Johnson, Sidiki Johnson and Angelo Chol.

"He's doing an unbelievable job. I don't know between Indiana and Arizona which will be at the top yet, but this is a tremendous class as well."

Ashley has been making an ascent up the rankings all year and is now at the highest position that he has been.

"[Ashley] is an elite talent," said Daniels. "He is getting better and better and he can really run, score and rebound at a high level. Arizona got a really good player."

Many think Ashley can make it to the highest level and Snow thinks he will definitely show that skill at Arizona.

"Ashley is a potential superstar," explained Snow. "He has come a long way since I saw him his freshman year. His handle is much better, his jump shot has to be respected and when he is going full effort is a force out on the court."

Gershon has followed this recruitment very closely for a long time and with the commitment of Ashley to Arizona, feels that Sean Miller and his staff show no signs of slowing down.

"From a recruiting angle, anytime you get number three player in the class and you combine him with other very talented players in the class, it is no doubt a positive thing going forward," said Gershon. "Recruiting is an important part of basketball and now you see a program that's going to recruit at a high level for years to come."

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