IU Coach Mike Davis taking advantage of Nike's pr

In the past, I can remember seeing Bob Knight at the Nike Camp in Indianapolis once - just once. However, I did see Knight at the Nike End of Summer Tournament when being held at San Diego. But I understand he was only there because he spent most of his time at Del Mar betting the horses.

Maybe that's why IU basketball had not sustained an elite level during the latter part of his coaching tenure. Well , that's certainly changed now that Mike Davis is heading up the Hoosier basketball program. Having the Nike All-American Camp based in Indianapolis should have been big advantage to Knight and Hoosiers first-year Head Coach Mike Davis has been one of the most visible coaches in attendance at the camp and his presence is beginning to pay dividends.

Davis is in the process of putting together one of the Hoosiers best recruiting classes in a long time.

Sean May, a 6-8 forward from Bloomington North and the son of former Hoosier standout Scott May, is all but a lock to commit to IU and he should be just one of what could be a string of commitments coming from some of the nation's top players.

May will most certainly become a Hoosier, but Bracy Wright, a 6-2 two-guard from Carrolton (The Colony),Tex., could be the first to give Davis a verbal.

"I fell real comfortable with Coach Davis," Wright said in an interview earlier this week. "I could commit today or tomorrow. "

John Gilchrist, named by Cat Tracks the No. 1 point guard at the Nike All-American Camp, is another big-time player considering IU along with Marshall Strickland, a 6-2 point from Winchendon (Academy), Mass., and Rashard McCants, a 6-3 wing from Ashville (New Hampton), NC. Strickland was rated the No. 7 point and McCants the No. 5 wing forward.

Davis was a great recruiter while he was an assistant to Knight. But Strickland said the interest in Indiana has been growing since Davis became the headman.

We've been in the picture for awhile since coach Davis came in," Strickland told the Indianapolis Star.

"When coach Knight was around, these players were in the background. We want to have a real good team (at IU) and win some championships."

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