What's next for Arizona?

Arizona may have lost to Oklahoma State, but what it will do with the rest of its season and how it reacts will have a bigger effect.

Going into the Oklahoma State game, Arizona and its fans knew it would be tough to come out of Stillwater with a win. It only took a few minutes for that belief to become a reality, as the Cowboys just seemed to be the better squad in nearly every aspect of the game.

Even when the Arizona defense started to play well, the Wildcats kept making mistakes that simply did not allow them to get back in the game. There were shades of the Alamo Bowl, when Arizona's mistakes against Oklahoma State hurt it as much as the opponent.

The loss against Oklahoma State was a bad one, but the only positive that can be really taken away from the game is the fact that it was not a Pac-12 game and the Wildcats now have an opportunity to get everything back on track by winning its first conference game of the season.

Therein lies the problem as well.

Stanford, Oregon, and USC are the next three opponents and it is absolutely a possibility that the Wildcats can lose its next three games. A 2-1 record after those three would be nothing short of remarkable and even one win would set up Arizona in decent shape for the rest of the season.

Three losses in a row in that stretch and four overall would be a back breaker and you would have to wonder where the season would go from there.

Oklahoma State may be a small sample size, but we are about to find out just what kind of Arizona team this is.

Will it bounce back and come up with an upset?

Can it develop a running game?

When will Juron Criner be back?

We can keep asking question that have no answers, as the only place they will be answered is the field. The coaching staff and players have a choice to make as it pertains to Thursday's loss. Should the team choose to focus on the Oklahoma State game or move forward?

Arizona is going to have to improve in a hurry, but the most important aspect of its game might be the mental aspect. It is never easy to recover from a loss like Thursday's, but Arizona does not really have a choice if it is going to have a successful season.

It is now up to the coaches and players to determine how they will look at this game and how they will treat it as they prepare for Pac-12 play.

After all, the answer to that could significantly effect their season

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