Hemmila remains solid to Arizona

Zach Hemmila has been an Arizona commit for a while now. Read on to see what he feels he needs to work on, what he thought of his official visit, and more.

The college football season is underway and that means you will begin to see high school prospects on the sideline during games as they take in part of the college experience. One prospect that visited Arizona for the NAU game is 6-foot-3, 275-pound offensive lineman Zach Hemmila from Chandler High School.

Already a verbal commit to UA, Hemmila came to Tucson to see what the game atmosphere is like at Arizona Stadium and came away impressed.

"It was a great experience," Hemmila said. "The experience of the fans just screaming – they have a huge student section – when they came out it gave me the chills."

Hemmila also spent some time catching up with the Wildcats' coaching staff and introducing them to his family.

"(We were) just joking around," Hemmila said. "Then I introduced them to my parents and my aunt and uncle. We just talked about how my game went last week and catching up and stuff."

As for the game, Hemmila observed the game the same way a lot of fans did. The team looked shaky at first, but Hemmila liked what he saw from Arizona in the second half.

"It was good," Hemmila said. "They started out kind of sluggish, but it was the first game of the season. A lot of college teams this year started off sluggish. I thought they did great in the second half. They came out strong. They had great offense; great everything."

Hemmila spent the weekend not only taking in football activities, but also the campus and the city of Tucson. The lineman had an enjoyable experience as he ventured around campus and off it as well.

"I have a couple of friends who graduated this past year that go to UA," Hemmila said. "I just went and hung out with them for a little bit. I got the whole experience of walking from downtown Tucson all the way through the campus. We just walked around the whole campus."

The prospect from Chandler has most of his senior season still ahead of him and despite being one of the top players in the state, he understands that he still has some stuff to work on.

"Footwork," Hemmila said. "That's the main thing. The offensive line just needs good footwork. I've done great but it was against two not so great teams. I haven't played a full game because they took me out at halftime in the first two games. But we're coming up to a gauntlet these next couple of weeks and I just have to play my heart and do what I do best."

With less than a year remaining before he arrives on campus, Hemmila is focused on getting prepared for his college career.

"I feel like I am right path," Hemmila said. "I could drop a couple of pounds, but during football season you eat a lot. You never feel like you're completely full. I could drop a couple of pounds and get back in the weight room when the season is done."

Hemmila made his decision to commit to UA in July. Since then, he has continued to receive information from other schools.

"Some schools here and there," Hemmila said. "Just here and there; emails and stuff. Nothing big."

As for his commitment to the Wildcats, Hemmila clarified his stance.

"It's solid," Hemmila said.

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