Vassallo ready for Stanford

Paul Vassallo knows the defense did not play well last week and wants to get better against Stanford. Read on to see how he is handling it, what Stanford poses, and more.

There aren't many people happy with Arizona's defensive performance against Oklahoma State last week and linebacker Paul Vassallo is one of them.

Arizona is back to preparing for Stanford and Vassallo is happy that some of the focus can be taken off last week's performance.

"We were all excited to get back to work," Vassallo said. "We have another opportunity to come out and show what we are capable of and get away from Oklahoma State and move on.

"After the game everybody was disappointed definitely, but Saturday gave us an opportunity to forget about Oklahoma State, watch the film, learn from it, and put it away.

In fact, Vassallo says it was a bit of a learning experience, as the team does not want to feel how it felt after Thursday's game.

"Just remember enough to know that we don't want to feel that feeling again, but use it as motivation to know that we have a long way to go on defense, especially to be the kind of defense that we want to be," he said.

Now attention turns to another potent offense as Stanford boast the best quarterback in the country in Andrew Luck.

According to Vassallo, Stanford's offensive style can often be confusing to the opposing defense.

"We knew what we were going to get from Oklahoma State, they just out executed us," Vassallo said. "With Stanford they move around so much that it definitely makes it easy to forget your assignment."

It seems inevitable that, win or lose, Stanford's offense is going to have some big plays. After that, it will be up to the defense to rebound.

"We have to be consistent and make sure we are all worrying about our job and nobody else's," Vassallo said. "Sometimes it is hard when a big play happens, it is hard not to let those things creep in your mind individually."

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