Domingo breaks down recruitment

Stephen Domingo has seen his recruitment take off in a big way. Read on to see the schools he is considering, what visits he will take, and more.

In talking to Stephen Domingo, he knows the exact point in time when his recruitment picked up and started ascending to the point it is today.

"Back at Pangos, I only had three or four offers, only from local schools," Domingo said. "After that, that's when stuff started to pick up. It's been crazy, I know a lot of college coaches have been contacting my high school coach and my AAU coach. There's been a lot of contact and it's good to see my hard work paying off."

It was at the Pangos All-American Camp that the San Francisco St. Ignatius College Prep then-sophomore made a name for himself by exploding for 39 points in the camp's closing day. Since then, the nation's eighth ranked small forward in the class of 2013 has seen his offers nearly quadruple.

"Recruiting is going well right now," Domingo said. "I see a lot of interest in me, mostly head coaches from schools are contacting me when they call. I guess that shows how much their school is committed to me. I'm up to 19 or 20 offers, and Virginia Tech, Georgia Tech, Washington and Washington State are my newest ones.

"Everything has picked up. A lot of schools have been out to see me since September 9th and more are on the way. It's been pretty wide spread, I've had coaches from all over come out and see me."

With faces like Sean Miller, Lorenzo Romar, and John Thompson III in the stands watching him work out, it's no surprise that the 6-foot-7, 190-pound small forward feels added motivation in front of some of the nation's premiere coaches.

"With the coaches there it definitely motivates me," Domingo said. "It makes me go hard in workouts all the time. I already have that passion to work hard, but when the coaches are there it makes you go ever harder. That vibe in the room is something you feed off of and is something that translates to everyone."

Domingo has two years of high school left to complete and offers continuing to roll in, it's not unexpected that he hasn't named a leader yet at this point in his recruitment. However, he admits that he's noticing the schools that are currently going the extra mile to get a verbal commitment from him.

"Right now the schools that are sticking out to me are the schools that I've made that connection with the head coach," Domingo said. "With these schools, the head coach has been out to see me, every month they make sure they get their phone call to me and we stay on the phone for a while.

"Coach Miller, coach Romar, coach (Mike) Montgomery, coach Thompson, and coach (Tommy) Amaker, those coaches have really kept up with me and that's something that really sticks out. I wouldn't say I have a favorite right now, I know it's still early. The connection with the head coach is something that makes schools stick out to me."

In his conversations with the Arizona coaching staff, coach Miller has been very clear with where exactly he sees Domingo fitting in with his system and style of play.

"Arizona really likes the way I can spread the floor," Domingo said. "They're bringing in a really good class this year and they are saying what they need next is someone to take that pressure off the bigs when teams come to double to keep them honest.

"They tell me that if they have a scorer on the wing that is going to knock down shots and that keeps the defense honest, they already have a lot of weapons. Once I get there with me on the wing, they think I can help with that."

Arizona's excellent recruiting class in 2012 is another factor currently benefiting it in its pursuit of the Bay Area sharpshooter.

"I look at recruiting and all of that kind of stuff," Domingo said. "I want to get to the NBA, that's my main goal. But when I get to college, I want to win. The better the team, that's definitely a factor to me. Arizona having a good recruiting class does play a part into it if I can see myself there. For any school, if they have a good class to go with it, that's a definite plus."

The headliner of the 2012 class, Findlay Prep power forward Brandon Ashley, also hails from the Bay Area, and Domingo admits that having another Northern California native on the roster is something that could benefit UA in the long run.

"Our relationship is mostly basketball, but Brandon and I talk on Twitter sometimes," Domingo said. "Being from the Bay Area, the good players out here have a pretty tight knit circle and we all have respect for each other. I definitely have a lot of respect for his game, and him going to Arizona puts them in a good light. Since he's from the Bay Area and comes from the same things I do, that's a good thing for me."

The four-star player has yet to take any unofficial visits, but that will change very soon as he has a trio of trips upcoming.

"I'm going to visit Harvard next weekend," Domingo said. "I'm going to Arizona the weekend of the Red/Blue game and then I'm going to Washington for their first exhibition game and the football game versus Oregon on the 5th of November. That's all I have planned right now."

The trips to Harvard, Arizona, and Washington will give Domingo the opportunity to get a first look at each school and evaluate them based on his needs and desires.

"I have never been to any of those schools," Domingo said. "I just want to see the atmosphere, see what the school has to offer, see what the coaches have to say when I'm on their campus and they show me around. I want to see a place where I feel like I can fit in for as many years as I'm in college. I want a place where I feel like I'm welcomed and it feels like a home away from home.

"I'm going to definitely be looking at them critically, I'm not just going to take it in. These schools are getting visits for a reason; not necessarily because they stick out but because I want to learn more about them."

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