Staff Predictions: Stanford

Arizona is looking to bounce back against Stanford. Does the staff think it can happen?

Arizona will look to get back on the winning track with a home win against Stanford. here is how the staff sees it happening:

Jason Nimrichter: The Wildcats have too many problems on defense to stop Andrew Luck and company. Arizona will get a chance to score points, but not enough to beat Stanford.

The Cardinal defense isn't a group of world beaters, but UA's offense has been one-dimensional over the first two contests and without a run game to support Nick Foles, the Wildcats won't be able to outscore Stanford.

Stanford 41, Arizona 28

Overall: 2-0

Blake Keathley: Through two games, I just haven't seen enough from Arizona to indicate to me that they're capable of beating a top 10 team right now, even at home.

In my opinion, Stanford is superior in the all three phases of the game and will just be too much for the Wildcats to handle.

Stanford 35, Arizona 20

Overall: 2-0

Jason Scheer: I think Arizona is going to steal one of the next two games. Up until this point, Stanford has yet to face a decent team and it is not easy to make the jump to playing a team that is usually strong at home.

I don't believe Arizona's defense will stop Stanford's offense, but I am not sure Stanford can stop Arizona either.

Arizona plays the time of possession game well enough to come out on top in what should be considered a large upset.

Arizona 45, Stanford 42

Overall: 2-0

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