Staff Predictions: Oregon

Can Arizona come up with the upset against Oregon? Will it be close? Read on for our staff picks.

Arizona will take on Oregon Saturday and the general consensus seems to be that it will be difficult for the Wildcats to come out with a win.

Jason Nimrichter: I want to give Arizona more of a shot here; I really do. But I just can't find a reason to think they are going to make a game out of this.

The Wildcats are ranked 111th in the nation in yards allowed per game and are going up against an offense that has had very little trouble piling up yards and points on the them in recent years.I have a feeling that UO jumps out big early and coasts from there.

Oregon 55, Arizona 28

Overall: 3-0

Blake Keathley: At this stage in its season, Arizona really does not have what it takes to beat a team as good as Oregon. Through three games, Arizona is simply not doing the things it needs to do to win games, and really isn't playing a caliber of football that will allow it to compete in the upper echelon teams in the Pac-12.

Bad losses have a way of piling up and getting to a team's confidence, and it's hard to imagine the team coming out with the belief that it can beat Oregon after the way the things have gone the past two weeks. Aside from winning, the best thing Arizona can do for itself is at least be competitive, but I just don't see it happening.

Oregon 48, Arizona 17

Overall: 3-0

Jason Scheer: I said last week I thought Arizona would steal a game against Stanford or Oregon, but that is difficult to believe now. The Wildcats aren't clicking on offense, which usually gave them a chance to win a game like Saturday's. Until it puts points on the board, I have difficulty thinking it will win.

Oregon 45, Arizona 24

Overall: 2-1

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