McNamara looking at options

Arizona commit Taylor McNamara says that he is still solid to Arizona. However, he has a handful of visits planned. Read on to see what he thinks of Arizona's start, when and where he will make visits, and more.

Arizona fans have been wondering quite a bit about 6-foot-5, 235-pound San Diego (Calif.) Westview tight end Taylor McNamara. While he still considers himself an Arizona commit, Wildcat fans have been nervous about him changing his mind. At this point, McNamara has not done that quite yet.

"Recruiting is going fine," McNamara said. "I am not really paying too much attention to it because I am focusing on my season. "I am committed there. I am still 100 percent committed and I am taking some visits, but I doubt anything will change. If it does, it does, but I am trying not to focus on it right now."

McNamara had an opportunity to visit Arizona for the Stanford game and also saw the Wildcats attempt a comeback against Oregon as well.

"It is frustrating to watch them lose like they did against Stanford," he said. "It was good to watch them against Oregon. They kind of fought back a little bit, which was good to see. The game I was at was frustrating because it seems like they have the talent to play with teams like that, but they could not hang. They just made some real bad mistakes."

In terms of his recruitment, McNamara says Arizona's early season struggles have the potential to turn into something more, but have not yet.

"It is frustrating to watch, but recruiting wise it does not mean much," McNamara said. "You want to see a team compete, but if they have an awful season that can change things obviously. If you watch a team go 2-8 or be awful, but they have played some tough teams."

The Arizona coaching staff is currently asking McNamara to be patient, as it feels that the team as a whole is getting better.

"The coaches just say they have had a tough schedule and they are trying to get better and are getting better each day," McNamara said.

While Arizona has not used the tight end much this year, McNamara feels that it could change next year should he go to Tucson.

"I would love to go in there and get a lot of red zone looks," he said. "It seems like they struggle in the red zone a little bit and I think I can help them there. They don't have too many tight ends on the field ever, so it is hard to judge the offense, but I think it is really because they don't have one that can stretch the field. They do tell me that once I come they plan on using the tight end more."

That could all be irrelevant if McNamara chooses to go somewhere else, as he has some official visits in mind.

"I am going to visit Cal, Notre Dame, and Colorado," he said. "I really don't know what it would take for me not to go to Arizona.

"I have not set my official visit, but as of now I am pretty sure I am going to go up to the Utah game for my official."

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