Offense looking for identity

Arizona's offense is looking for an identity, as offensive coordinator Seth Littrell is working to find one. Read on to see his thoughts on the offense, what he is doing to fix it, and more.

Arizona offensive coordinator Seth Littrell has seen his side of the ball be extremely inconsistent in the early part of the season.

One of the main reasons the offense has been inconsistent is due to the fact that it has had difficulty in the running game.

"We have done some things in the passing game," Littrell said. "We had way too many drops the other night, which hadn't been a problem for us. Very disappointed in that the first half but came out strong in the second half and moved the ball a lot more consistently.

"We have to get the run game going a bit more, which I thought we did. I think without the sacks we had close to 130 yards rushing. We are improving and that needs to be a part of our offense that continually develops."

One frustrating sequence in particular was early in the game when Arizona threw the ball three times into the end zone after having some success running. According to Littrell, decisions such as those are actually made earlier in the week.

"A lot of our stuff is checks," he said. "Those situations were blitz situations and we decided to obviously run pass checks in that situation. We felt that was the best option. Those decisions are made during the week based on film. What Nick (Foles) does is what we tell him to do. We make those decisions we feel best earlier on."

Speaking of Foles, Littrell says that he is not very worried about him getting hit, although he would like to see Foles get more protections.

"No, he is tough," Littrell said of Foles. "It is football and he is going to take shots. We don't want him to, but the thing he does, he is a tough guy and really hung in there and gave us a chance to do some good things. We just have to continue to protect him and get better.

"He is obviously a great student of the game, he is very tough. He has a great heart and that is something his teammates can look to him for."

Attention now turns to USC, which is a team that Littrell has plenty of respect for.

"Well coached," he said of USC. "They are not real difficult scheme wise or anything, just really good players with a lot of team speed, physical up front. Obviously very well coached, so we have to do a good job this week game-planning them."

In order to be prepared for the Trojans, Littrell feels Arizona needs to get away from having slow starts.

"That is something we stress and obviously it did not happen again last week," Littrell said. "We have to do a better job in practice and me as a coach I have to do a better job of getting everybody ready to play."

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