Antwan Wright exploring his options

Antwan Wright is quickly becoming one of the nation's top wing prospects and many schools are getting involved. A key to landing the 6-8 forward from San Bernardino is impressing his mother Wanda.

"I've talked to several coaches, but they are all saying the same thing. You can't really tell over the phone. I haven't met anyone in person, but I'd love to. It hasn't come to that point yet. I'm really looking forward to seeing what kind of people I am dealing with."

Although Antwan will make the final decision, expect mom to have a huge say in the situation.

"I'm really leaving it up to him, but I want to get to know these people who are interested in him and visit the school to see what kind of program they are running. I'm looking for someone who will have a close relationship with my son to help him along the way."

Although he's from California, Wright has attended Massachusetts's Lawrence academy since the ninth grade. Playing across the country has been difficult, but seems to be a good move for the family.

"The first year was really bad for me. My kids have always been here for me and I've always been there for them. It was a big decision on my part, but it was a good move because it helped with hid academics and independence. The kids don't get the one-on-one attention they need in the classroom because the class sizes are so big. I just had to pray on it and decided that we had to make this move. So far it's been a good move. I'm just used to it now."

Tennessee, UConn, Virginia and the Wildcats appear to be the early leaders for his services. Although mom would like to see him come closer to home, see says it will be his choice.

"I just want what's best for my son. He really hasn't decided what college he wants to go to. I will be behind him 100%. I know it's going to be difficult thing for him in choosing because there are so many schools interested. He wants to be closer to me because he really doesn't like the cold. But we want what is best for him and what is the best program to him."

In addition to being a skilled athlete, Wright is also a talented writer.

"He likes to write, he like to read. He writes poetry. He won't tell anybody, but he writes good poetry."

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