Melvin 'Above 100%' Committed

Laveen (Ariz.) Fairfax defensive end Dwight Melvin was shocked to hear about Arizona head coach Mike Stoops being relieved of his duties in Tucson, but it did not have an effect on his commitment to the Wildcats.

Considering Arizona's shaky start and the recent firing of head coach Mike Stoops, the future in Tucson is unknown and several Wildcat recruits are exploring their options and rethinking their initial decision. Laveen (Ariz.) Fairfax defensive end Dwight Melvin is not one of them.

"I'm committed to U of A and I'm happy with it," he tells "I'm very happy with it. My commitment is above 100%."

"It was shocking," Melvin recalls. "I didn't expect that and it was just shocking. I was at practice when I found out. Reggie (Gilbert) called my phone, but I was in practice so I didn't answer and he called the coach (Kevin Belcher). Coach told me after practice and I was like ‘wow'. It was a shocker. Coach Stoops, he's a real good coach. He's a defensive guy, he loves defense. I didn't think it was coming."

Nonetheless, Melvin has his heart set on becoming a Wildcat and claims that the news about Stoops doesn't affect his commitment whatsoever.

"It doesn't," he answers. "It's my dream school, I love it."

Melvin has his eyes on the Wildcats, and only the Wildcats. Although a date has yet to be set, he says he will be taking his one and only official to Tucson, where he's already spent a significant amount of time this season.

"I've been paying attention to the season, been to some of the games, and visiting down there with Reggie for a bit too," he shares. "I watch all the games and go to the ones I can make it to."

Arizona defensive end Reggie Gilbert is a close friend and former teammate of Melvin's. While in high school, the two would daydream about playing together in UA uniforms. Now that Gilbert's dream has become reality, he's sharing the details with his buddy.

"He basically tells me that practice is going well," Melvin reveals. "At practice there's a lot of tension between the O-line and D-line. He told me that every day at practice the O-line is ready to fight the D-line and the D-line is ready to fight the O-line, but then after practice they're all cool and they're all hanging out together again."

"He tells me that it's completely different from high school ball. The game goes by faster, there's more contact and bigger bodies."

Melvin can't wait to join Gilbert on the field next year.

"I want to play as a true freshman," he explains. "I'm working out harder, getting bigger, faster, stronger, and working on my technique. Reggie showed me a few techniques so I go back and work on them. I'm working to be the best."

"I'm ready to be a Wildcat."

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